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Blazer Beat Down

RedsArmyAdmin December 31, 2008 Uncategorized 34 Comments on Blazer Beat Down

Portland absolutely manhandled the Celtics in the paint. Check the box score for the horrific rebounding numbers. There's no excuse for losing to the Blazers when Brandon Roy is sitting on the bench all night. And speaking of the bench, the Celtics subs were awful tonight.

Box Score | Recap

I'm not going to complain anymore about that horrendous decision by the refs to award Portland a basket in the 2nd quarter even though they had 6 men on the court. The C's had plenty of chances to make up for it.

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  • bryan

    I like how every other post on this forum is anti-Lakers and we are the ones obsessed right? Well, I’ll be the first to admit that the only better thing than the Lakers winning is the Celtics losing. All you idiots quit trying to act all mature like you’re gonna shake the opposing fan’s hand after the game and say “good game.” That’s not how it works. This is a heated rivalry which makes it fun. From the looks of things, the Laker fans are winning the battle so far in the sense of passion and devotion. In other words, we are good at talking shit. Boston fans however, talk shit… lose.. then either blame it on the refs or say the same crap over and over again “It’s just a regular season game.” Oh, quiet with that bullshit. If it’s just a “regular season” game all the time, then I don’t expect you to watch any game up until the playoffs. Every game counts. With that said, Go Lakers!!! BOSTON SUCKS!!!


    This was a young focused team The Celtics played and we lost. We won’t see them in the Finals. Laker fans I pay no attention 2.

  • D

    A bad loss…shoulda been 4-0 on this little roadie, not 1-3…

  • Colin

    Defending champs and the best record in the league. It’s time for the Celtics fan on this site to start ignoring the jealous Laker fans and concentrate on our own team. One loss to a good team does not a season make.

  • inferno

    One hoops question…can someone tell me why House is taking the last shot????? It looked like a designed play…are any of you guys outraged or disturbed…Pierce scored the last 10 points and was getting every call inthe 4th…let him shoot…

  • double P reppin the B

    the fact that this site is being overrun with laker fans is actually really getting to me, I come to this site to see how people felt about the game and get 93 comments of pathetic laker fans talking shit because deep down they are scared shitless of our team. I’m beginning to lose interest in this because of all these damn trolls talking shit to no end.

  • zauer

    I think if boston doesn’t get any PJ-style big man it will be tough to win it all. Big Baby and Leon experiment doesn’t work. I like BB but Leon is more pruductive so he and new big man should come off the bench at 4 and 5. Tony looks like he doesn’t get any better

  • DRJ

    Hey, webmaster…. these assholes are ruining your site…. can’t even read the comments anymore with all that spam. Suggest you take stronger action….

  • Josh

    Wow, 5 Days later and some internet nerds are still focusing so much on a team that isn’t theirs? Wow, It takes a very weak minded sad person to take the time to spew senseless garbage on the internet. Do you really get off on that? That is really some weak ass shit. Seriously. You are not even talking trash in a witty way. It is just sad really.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    What a shameful road display… we’ll never win a title playing like this. Something must be done NOW, sign someone experienced for a bench that absolubtely sucked in December, and please someone do something for the rest of the team… after Christmas, we’re playing like a bunch of sisses.
    Playing like this, we’re gonna lose homecourt advantage for good, and I don’t think we’re gonna repeat without it.

  • LD2k

    No not my site!

  • JD

    Man, idk about this i mean blazers didnt have Brandon Roy and u still lost and pls. celtics fan stop blaming the refs i mean u guys should have won this game.
    Again i am going to say

  • baltimoresbest01

    way to blame the referees, when pierce walked and was somehow granted foul shot every possession late in the game. if you are going to blame it on the refs, make sure that nothing went your way as well.

  • Big Sal

    OLD 3, we love you. We really do. You remind us every day of how great our team is. Thanks!

  • khw

    Man I love Garnett’s “intensity” as he tries to punch LMA. Good job Larmarcus, elbow his head in.

  • I think House is a good enough shooter… and he’s hit clutch shots in the past… where I’m OK with him taking an open shot vs. a contested Pierce shot.
    And just to reiterate… the only comments/posters deleted and banned are those who spammed the site. Abusive posts, multiple posts under different names, those ridiculous “Boston Sucks” a thousand times…. those are gone.
    And we focus plenty on the C’s. Part of being a Celtics fan is hating the Lakers… so I’m still going to take shots at them. I’d expect a Lakers site to take shots at the Celtics. But just because they do… it doesn’t mean I want C’s fans to go spam their site.
    I’m writing things that I think Celtics fans will like. I’m not going to ditch that just because I think some trolls are going to come over and spam us. I compare it to playing to win vs. playing “not to lose”.

  • Danno

    As much as I love to trash talk, is there any way you can change the comments section of this blog so that all posters need to be verified through email/login, and can be denied if they abuse it?
    It’s like a Special Olympics Jello Wrestling Battle Royale match in here the last week or so.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I’m all for log ins. I’ve actually stopped posting because there is so much crap, my comment will just get lost in it all. We already have to enter our email address, one more entry for a password is fine. Or just wait until February 5th when the Celtics shut these dumbshit Faker fans up.
    It seems that there is tension on this team now. There flow is off. I can’t seem to pinpoint what is up, but it seems like mental mistakes on defense and the bench are killing us lately.
    Anyway, hope the Celts start the New Year with their heads out of their asses-atleast the bench.

  • love the green

    let’s face it, the celtics being the champs that they are have a harder road to drive…every arena the go to, they get the other teams best….nite after nite.!!i’m not worried about the lakers.!!we own them in the finals.!! it’s a hungry lebron that i’m concerned with.!!

  • If this site didn’t blast the Lakers or their organization no Lakers fans would come and bash. But every other article, something is always taking shots at the Lakers. And RedsArmy is surprised by this. SMH

  • Leon POW

    Tough one to watch, and road trips out west are never going to be easy wins. The bench may be struggling but all teams are going to go through this. Hopefully they take something out of this and put it towards 3 very winnable games next week then against the big boys with Houston and Cleveland. Either way, after a tough loss it always helps to watch Sasha Vujajcjjijiczxcicicicc crying on the bench after being toasted by Ray Allen. It could be worse…

  • …..

    As a Lakers fan this is just pathetic, enough with this nonsense. You guys who are posting spam/hateful comments are not true lakers fans, whether you think you are or not. I may hate the celtics, but I still respect them and their real fans, enough to not be an asshole and spew garbage on their sites. I visit this site from time to time not to troll but just to get a little celtics fan perspective every once and a while. This shit is like like third grade elementary school bullshit, cut the crap and quit trolling and spamming.

  • Lakers 24 7

    wtf Brandon Roy sitting out and Portland beats the defending champs? And Boston had a double digit lead?

  • Nora

    LD is blind. What was the final score of the game? Sac is horrible and Lakers lost to them.

  • Hyprocrites
  • J-H!zZl3

    How the hell do three all stars on one team lose to a Portland team without Brandon Roy. He is their best player, and you guys still lose. WTF is up with that????…lmfao. What is this world coming to?…lol.
    ps. Boston’s bench is trash and they will never win another championship with this sorry as bench.

  • Laker Fans

    I worship the ground the Celtics walk on. Lakers may have won in Dec. but it means nothing.

  • Lakers2009

    Keep your heads up guys, I’m sure its just a mid-season funk that you’re going through. We lost to a bunch of scrubs as well, with Sacramento, Heat, and Indiana. Take the loss and learn from it.

  • Lakerboy

    Man… I think that celtics loss just gave me an orgasm. They beat you without Brandon Roy?! shieeeeet… Feels like Christmas all over again!

  • Dom1020

    Danno you seriously, are a fuck. Whats with the people on this site being inlove with the word “Trolls”?
    Rene also pointed out something,
    “If this site didn’t blast the Lakers or their organization no Lakers fans would come and bash. But every other article, something is always taking shots at the Lakers. And RedsArmy is surprised by this. SMH”
    Rene – December 31, 2008 at 5:38 pm
    It’s very true, no body is “riding your jock”. We Laker fans are really chill,if the lakers lose a game we only care about it for the night and move on.But once you guys lost against the lakers, this site went to shit, you been posting articles about how the lakers suck and what not eversince.

  • Posting an anti-Lakers article doesn’t give Lakers fans free reign to come here and be vulgar.
    And Dom… what “Lakers Suck” stuff have we posted since the loss? We posted the Vujacic picture… and that’s it. Lakers trolls came and spammed the shit out our Warriors post. Even our Sacramento post… and then now this one.
    So tell me… if it’s ONLY the anti-Lakers posts, Dom and Renee, then how do you explain the douches in all of these other posts?

  • inferno

    Scott…calm down…you are clearly a nerd…look that one up.
    Go Lakers

  • Danno

    Yeah, you guys take the good and the bad, like I said before, 18 game losing streak 2 years ago = kobe mvp chants in the garden (only laker to have gotten that in boston)
    Think if over, and come talk to me when you’re done. 🙂
    Stay classy boston fans, nah just playin you guys aren’t classy, stay TRASHY boston fans.
    dom1020 – January 1, 2009 at 8:08 pm
    Being the only fans in the NBA to respect a player from the opposing team when he’s having a career year, and your team isn’t doing well = “trashy”.
    Wow. You really are a fucking idiot.

  • dom1020

    Yeah, you guys take the good and the bad, like I said before, 18 game losing streak 2 years ago = kobe mvp chants in the garden (only laker to have gotten that in boston)
    Think if over, and come talk to me when you’re done. 🙂
    Stay classy boston fans, nah just playin you guys aren’t classy, stay TRASHY boston fans.