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Kiss our Ass, Geoffrey C. Arnold


Here are some excerpts from Geoffrey C. Arnold's column in the Oregonian:

In the Dec. 5 game in Boston, the Celtics punked the Blazers — pushing and shoving them around like annoying pipsqueaks on the playground. To win tonight, Portland will need to find the mental strength to remain focused in the face of relentless defense — and trash talk.

The self-assured play of Rondo is indicative of the Celtics' rapidly ballooning ego, which is drawing growing criticism.

Garnett's trash talking — long a staple of his game — seems to have increased since the Celtics won the championship. He always has been one of the most pompous players in the league, and apparently he has decided that winning a championship has granted him license to flap those lips relentlessly.

The Celtics know that last season is last season and they have a target on their backs this season. They have recognized the challenge by playing better, but the arrogance? Based on one title? Please.

All the Celtics need to do to curb their arrogance is look within the city limits. The New England Patriots rolled through the 2007 NFL regular season, the haughtiness growing with every win.

Then the Super Bowl came along.

The problem isn't with the Celtics trash-talking, it's with the also-rans and wannabes trying to talk smack back to the defending champs. Just take your beating and enjoy it.

And if you think this Celtics team is a bunch of bullies, then you obviously didn't watch the Pistons in the late 80s or the Heat and Knicks in the early to mid 90s

And finally, there isn't anything more arrogant and self-serving than including your middle initial in your byline.

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  • Lol, what’s up with everybody whining so much this season about the Celtics? Poor babies can’t handle a little trash talk? That’s pitiful.

  • Tim (FD)

    Even if we are arrogant…. we have 17 reasons to be so suck on that. Geoffery.

  • JD

    “The self-assured play of Rondo is indicative of the Celtics’ rapidly ballooning ego..”
    Umm, this Arnold guy shouldn’t even have a job. So Rondo shouldn’t be confident in what he’s doing out on the court? A team is arrogant because one of their players is playing better than ever because of that confidence in himself? Wow, this guy is a dumbass.
    And KG is talking just as much trash as usual; its just that people always like to pick on a champion.

  • Scott

    Not to mention the fact that the Patriots aren’t even within the “city limits.”
    Just another example of all the idiots out there who hate on winning teams like the Celtics. That Rajon Rondo comment screams pure jealousy, aside from making no sense at all. Obviously a player is going to be more confident as he plays better (as he should). What a moron.

  • Dave

    An unabashed Boston hater. Well, allow me to give him the proper response…GFY Arnold

  • Jeff

    HAHA he spells jeff with a geo. what a prick

  • Drew

    First of all, the Celtics have 17 titles, the latest coming last season…the Blazers have…1….from 1977…
    Second, the Patriots were not arrogant last year…they never talked about it…the MEDIA branded them arrogant and vilified them throughout the season and probably had some influence on how the season ended…
    So this guy can STFU…
    And the Blazers need to man up…if they can’t take TALK, they don’t belong in the NBA!

  • Orb

    I’m with Drew on the Pats, I don’t see where they keep coming up as this cautionary tale on arrogance. They knew, and consistently said as a team, that focusing on your next opponent and winning that game was what was important. That’s all I heard from the Cs during the streak as well. And KG, pompous or no, knows the ONLY important thing on the basketball court is the scoreboard at the end of the game.

  • Alex

    HOLY SHITTING FUCK! Why do people keep bringing up the FUCKING PATS when talking about the Celtics? wpkuidfdspo0f7-df8 -08