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How It Looked From Their Side

RedsArmyAdmin December 29, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on How It Looked From Their Side


The Kings, shall we say, are not doing well this year.  Their only real notable win was beating the Lakers (note: ha ha).  But last night was a low point for them.

Hey, we've been there… and not all that long ago.  But in my opinion, the blogging is better when your team is bad.  It brings out emotions that are conducive to some pretty creative and expressive stuff.

In that vain.. I'd like to point out how last night's game looked from their perspective.  Tom Ziller's reaction on Sactown Royalty is simply: Ugh.

One King scored more than two FGs … and Donté Greene's third FG came in the last minute. The high scorer drops a whopping 11 points — four Celtics scored at least that many. The Celtics blocked nine freaking shots — nine of 68 attempts.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

And Basketball fiend has the 10 signs of a franchise-worst loss.

5) The local network’s cameraman does the Pan of Shame. This comes when the game is so completely bland that the cameraman resorts to a slow pan down the bench to show the viewers at home that the players on the bench feel worse than they do. Note to NBA cameramen: It ain’t working. We’re the ones who have to pay to watch this garbage. We win the “feeling worse” battle hands down. Cut it out with the PoS’.

Also out there:  Baron Davis might be angling for a trade back to Golden State.  You know… I think you might be able to say Elton Brand's decision ultimately ruined 3 teams' seasons.

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