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RedsArmyAdmin December 29, 2008 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Cruisin’

C's leading the Kings by 25 at the break. They are dominating all facets of this game.

Box Score

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  • DRJ

    About the best half they’ve played this year. Still don’t like T Allen, who continues to make stupid mistakes in every game. He belongs on another team… Lakers for example 🙂

  • Ryan

    LAKERS1fan – Were you a Bulls fan in the 90’s?


    Seriously the Laker fans are the most annoying fans of any sport. Seriously remember this you pricks YOUR beloved LAKERS lost to this bunch of nobodies. You guys are seriously pathetic, shut up and go home you sunny little fruit cakes. By the way good game C’s

  • Tim (FD)

    Can we find a Laker fan that is either over 13 or not a celebrity?????????
    Or maybe one that could spell, or even construct a sentence?

  • Celts9

    +45? really? haha im lovin it
    thats a message from the celts if you ask me

  • baltimoresbest01

    wow rondo had a great game. he deserves to make the all star team………

  • Lakerboy

    It’s useless arguing with pea-brain celtics fans. FUCK THE CELTICS! Go Lakers! Celtics Suck!

  • inferno

    DRJ, TIm, Froggy…
    I have been a Laker fan for almost 30 years…I remember Magic as a rookie…Norm Nixon being traded …Kareem shaving his head…the Game 5 Baby Hook…the Back-to-Back titles…Magic’s HIV press conference…the valiant effort Byron Scott and his role players gave Barkley and the Suns…the lean years when Vlade was our best player…then came Eddie Jones, Nick the Quick and things were looking up…Shaq and Kobe came to town and we rebuilt (in 2 years, not 20+) a fast, young team who competed for Western Conference crowns in the 90’s…then we had a Threepeat…then a couple lean years and then right back to the Finals…the Lakers were way ahead of schedule last year…that loss to a much better All-Star-er…um…I mean Celtic team was expected and I have lost no sleep over it…
    The Lakers have been the NBA measuring stick for the last 30 years- yes including the Chicago Jordaniare phenom- and we will continue to be…
    As for defense DRJ…for you to have lived in LA and not been a Laker fan for the reasons you listed, would put you at age 13 or so…the 80’s Showtime Lakers were always known for Offense, but played some of the best team D in NBA history…ask Bird or McHale about Cooper and Thompson’s relentless approach to every play…or ask DJ if Scott ever took a play off on D…you probably have no idea to what I am referring…
    …and I certainly do have half a brain working, but to be honest, participating on this website doesn’t require it…some of my other Laker counterparts choose to type with emotion only and if you’ve ever visited a Laker blog-site you would find many similar examples of Celtic-trolls spewing much of the same fodder…probably some of the same “high-brow” C-fans seen here…
    I love basketball…sports in general -and there is nothing like a true rival to make things more interesting in a long, often hum-drum season…
    Go Lakers…Celtics Suck!

  • Danno

    Yes it was just a single december game but it was a good gauge to see where these two rivals stand against each other. and as of THAT SINGLE DECEMBER GAME, the Lakers are more superior than the Celtics.
    Jason – December 29, 2008 at 4:41 am
    Yeah – they were superior.
    For one game.
    On their home court.
    with the help of the refs.
    Last time I checked, the NBA Finals is a 7 game series. But really, it doesn’t surprise me that most Lakers fans can’t handle basic math and get over excited about a single home game before the season is even half over. This is like bragging about your premature ejaculation because a girl “touched you down there….”.

  • Big Sal

    So, this whole season is going to be Lakers fans commenting on blogs about how, oooooh, the Celtics might have won whatever particular game they just played BUT THEY DIDN’T BEAT THE LAKERS IN DECEMBER! This won’t get old at all.

  • Jason

    Lakers are the one who got a cheap win in December not a playoff win. Titles are never cheap. Some Laker fans are so bitter and foolish it is unbelievable. Can’t wait until Lakers come to the Garden. Last time there they gopt shellacked. Bynum and Ariza are not going to help the Lakers that much.
    Nora – December 29, 2008 at 2:55 am
    Oh come on! I hate how you celtics fans deny how much Ariza and (especially) Bynum will spell a difference. Bynum and Ariza were major contributors in the Lakers win last Christmas. The boxscore may not state major contributions but come on, everyone saw it, even you celtics fans did. Ariza’s numerous hustle plays fueled up the team and sucked the life out of the celtics, which greatly shifted the momentum unto the Lakers. Bynum’s presence in the middle altered numerous shots, and not to mention a couple of blocked shots. So please celtics fans, don’t act dumb and just face the facts as they are. The Lakers team that your team beat last june is different from what the Lakers look like now, and Ariza and Bynum are just two of the main reasons why.

  • Kurt Rambis

    Nora, your name sounds female. Go to a WNBA blog

  • davecowens

    It’s painfully obvious that the Celts’ thrashing of the Fakers in the Finals caused some deep psychological trauma to you LA fans. The fact that you feel the need to come on here and validate the Christmas win is pathetic.