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What the Hell Happened?

RedsArmyAdmin December 27, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on What the Hell Happened?


Sorry to dump a load on you this morning while you're eating your breakfast. Just felt the above photo was the best way to represent the Celtics loss to the Warriors. Everything seemed fine in the first half (what I witnessed before passing out falling asleep), but apparently Doc knew his team wasn't going to finish strong:

"I was worried at halftime when I saw we were shooting 56 [percent] and they were shooting 39 and it was a 12-point game," Rivers said. "I was completely concerned about it. … Once they start making shots, it's tough to turn them off, and we couldn't make anything."

A quick glance of the box score reveals some alarming stats: 23 turnovers, 31 fouls, Ray Allen's 7 points and 6 fouls, and KG's 4 rebounds. On the bright side, Rajon Rondo nearly had his second triple double – 11 pts, 10 reb and 9 assists.

For some reason, the Celtics have trouble in Golden St. They've lost 5 straight there.

Don't sweat the back-to-back losses. Last year in mid-January, the 29-3 Celtics lost 3-out-of-4 games (to the Wizards twice and Bobcats) after a big win in Detroit.

Here's what Perk had to say about his sore shoulder:

"I'm just going off feel right now," said Perkins, who played in Boston's first 30 games. "I probably could play if it was the playoffs or something. It's a back-to-back. I just felt like I needed to have a few days to rest. It's a little sore more than anything. It's nothing serious."

As for the Celtics quest to add another body, Doc Rivers told Steve Bulpett that Mutombo isn't coming to Boston. But Joe Smith (playing for OKC) and Alonzo Mourning (free-agent) remain options.

And congratulations to the Lakers fan who posted "Boston Sucks" 457 times in the comments, you win the first A-hole of the week award. Click here to claim your prize.

Since I'm not in the mood to post cheerleader pics, here are some photos from last night's debacle in Oakland. The expression on Pierce's face in the first one pretty much sums up the night.

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  • NewsFlashMike

    redsarmy…. 19-26 and 21-24 are respectable, near .500 teams.. 8-22 IS NOT. 8-22 is nowhere near 19-26 and 21-24 teams. are you that retarded? now go sit in the corner and dont say a word.

  • thetitleisours

    I knew they would be tired. No big deal
    as for the laker’s bandwagon fans
    They forget that the laker’s rarely have losing seasons as the league gift wraps them presents like Gasol and Shaq O’neil. The Laker’s are the leagues whores.
    When did you have to give up a young all-star like Al Jefferson to get someone?

  • Bill

    No need to sweat anything. Celtics needed a heat check. We don’t want them going all 2007 Patriots on us. Get the losses out of the way in December when nothing matters and get the fans and reporters off their backs. Like Pierce says, you don’t get anything more than a pat on the back for a streak.

  • Dre

    Just to revisit what some Celtics fans were saying in the comments regarding the Lakers game:
    Was it the officiating again? Or was it the fact your team had 23 turnovers, a good amount of them were unforced?
    Look deeper at the box score and apply some basketball knowledge – how can a team that shoots a worse percentage than your team, only gets two more field goals than your team, and still manages to beat you?
    The most troubling statistic was the Celtics freethrow percentage. The turnovers aren’t that big a deal if you’re within a couple of your opponent’s total.
    The second most troubling statistic was the Celtics sending Ronnie Turiaf to the freethrow line 10 times and him making every one.

  • JTB

    T’was a shit show for sure.

  • JD

    well i am a lakers fan and i am not going to say boston sucks lets just say your celts had a long day in LA then had a crazy night in San Francisco.

  • DRJ

    The loss to GS was mostly Doc Rivers’ fault:
    1) Doc kept the 2nd unit out way too long. If he was worried, as he said he was, why do that?
    2) Doc kept Tony Allen in the game way too long. Tony Allen, I am sorry to say, is NOT SMART ENOUGH TO BE ON THIS TEAM. He may be athletic, and may perform well at times, but overall, he hasn’t the synaptic horsepower to play for the Celtics. Period.
    3) Doc failed to tell his team that the REFS WERE CALLING EVERY LITTLE TOUCH AND EVERY FLOP. They were doing it to BOTH teams. The difference? GS FLOPPED MORE! The Celtics never flopped at all. HOW STUPID IS THAT?! If you’re in a game where flopping is working and the refs have hair-trigger whistles, gee, what do you do? Well — (a) you should be careful with your fouls, and (b) you should FLOP A LOT! Pretty obvious. But Doc failed to tell his team about this critical aspect of the game.
    The result is what we saw. Loss of momentum. Helplessness. Loss.
    I think you could see the guilt on Doc’s face in the hallway interview after the game. I think he knows he screwed up. Well — the good news is that, unlike T. Allen, Doc IS more than smart enough, and he will fix these problems going forward.
    One more thing. The Cs have a great player on the bench — who is MUCH BETTER and MUCH SMARTER than Tony Allen — who did not play a second against GS, and should have. His name is Gabe Pruitt.

  • mo

    lol Garnett is a dirty player, what’s with you celtic fans calling this a flop ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAfp6ZCsvGc
    LOL, you don’t set a “screen” by lowering you shoulder onto the player trying to get around it!