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Time To Move On

RedsArmyAdmin December 26, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Time To Move On


So it wasn't the best ending to Christmas.  The C's didn't look great, and it's giving C's haters plenty of ammunition.  That's fine.  They can talk all they want in December.  I'm more concerned with June.  But I'm officially bored with the Lakers trolls now.

The C's are in Oakland, and they won't be seeing the same team that forced the Celtics to come back at home.  Corey Maggette had 32 in that game… but he's out for tonight.  Stephen Jackson had 30 in that game and he's been out for a week with a hand injury.  He's shooting for a return tonight, but even if he does come back, he could be rusty.  Jamal Crawford had 18 against the C's, but he's been nursing a groin injury.

It would be nice to get this thing out of the way early so Leon Powe can come in and get substantial minutes in front of his home crowd.  Oakland hasn't been kind to the Celtics recently (Boston has lost 10 of its last 12 at Oracle, including 4 in a row), but this clearly isn't the same Warriors team.

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  • Josh

    I think a Celtics Blog with faithful readers, that was created when the C’s were awful, is not the right place to be looking for “bandwagon” fans…

  • lainok

    way to light up the warriors! you definately started another streak! good for you. on sunday, the lakers will step in and daddy will show you how it’s done.

  • Joey

    HAHAHA Warriors win 99-89
    And also, even if it was the Lakers fans chanting “MVP” for Kobe in Boston, that just shows that the Boston fans weren’t there! That just shows that they are bandwagoners.

  • Chuck

    The Celtics averaged nearly 17,000 in attendance in an 18,600-capacity arena two years ago when they had the second-worst record in the league. Get your facts straight rather than quoting Mike Bibby about “bandwagon fans.”
    “Empty arena” my ass.