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Sasha Vujacic is a Fool

RedsArmyAdmin December 26, 2008 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Sasha Vujacic is a Fool

My Sasha Vujacic annoyance level reached an all-time high when I stumbled upon this photo. Dude – it was a regular season game. Stop acting like you went 15-rounds with Ivan Drago. Now that was a Christmas day battle that meant something.

I prefer to remember you this way:

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  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Another photo for the locker room bulletin board in February. I pity the fool in February. I pity the fool.

  • khw

    Honestly, what about Garnett clapping in the face of Calderon? What about KG on all fours on defense? What’s the difference? Stop being such hypocrites.

  • lakerhater(the original)

    Oh Sasha, you got a christmas miracle and we all got to witness it. I’m with redsarmy, watching your reaction to what the other Jesus did to you’ll always be known.

  • Kris

    Sasha Vagi-Itch.

  • Hyprocrites

    Sasha is showing the same emotions any professional basketball player would show after winning a great game.
    Don’t see a problem with this at all.
    Surprised you posted this, especially when KG shows these exact emotions all the time, even during regular season games.
    Stop being bitter about the loss.

  • MJ’s Ambassador

    well guys, i had a peaceful and restful christmas day yesterday. i was in a very serene state after the loss. now i have confirmed that my 72-10 bulls are better than this celtics team. i mean, talk about laying a monumental egg against this lakers team!! jeez, the bulls would have destroyed the lakers. he would have willed the bulls to a victory all by himself if he needed to. the celtics should have destroyed and humiliated this wimpy lakers team. that bulls team is definitely better than this celtics team.

  • davecowens

    KG is a multiple all-star and a future hall-of-famer; he can do whatever he wants. Sasha Vaginaitch is a one-dimensional player who wears a hair net.
    I’m taking a cue from Pierce and focusing on tonight’s game against the Warriors.
    Did they actually hand out purple scarves to fans at the Staples Center?

  • haha

    Ha I love how you say that this didn’t mean anything even tho all the celtic fans I know were talking up there 19 game winning streak, all saying they were way better than the 72 and 10 bulls. Its ironic that the lakers stopped it because it is the lakers that have the record for longest winning streak ever with 33 games. You may say this loss doesn’t matter now but it puts doubt in the players minds that they can’t finish out a game against another elite team. I would be worried about playing king James. oh yeah I thought I would mention it really looks like pierce is better than kobe, isn’t that what he said himself, I guess he must have had some kind of injury or fake injury hahahaha

  • JD

    khw: showing emotion is fine. Its treating a regular season game like an NBA Finals game thats annoying. Just look at the photo; no Celtics player does that after a regular season win. This game was nothing more than a regular season matchup, and Vujacic, and many Laker fans, are acting like they just won a game in the NBA Finals.

  • Jp

    Maybe Sasha was celebrating a successful pay off to the refs? Ha just kidding.
    The Lakers played tough, they played all 48 minutes. They beat us. The refs sucked donkey balls, but they pretty well sucked balls both ways. The Celts let it get to them. I wanna say we lost more than they won, but they played hard. I hate that Doc stuck to the rotation (why we lost I think), but I sorta respect the choice. I just really wish he didn’t play 4 subs at once ALL the time. That’s just too unrealistic I think.
    Hats off to the Lakers for the win, you can all still go to hell though.

  • lakerhater(the original)

    I for one aplaud sasha for not wearing green. it makes me feel better to know i’ll never end up at a party wearing the same shirt as that little douche. Congrads to the lakers, as Redsarmy said, its time to move on.

  • zippittyay

    It’s alright… I have refused to wear purple and gold for a long time… Probably not cuz they are the laker colors but because it makes you look like the court jester frolicking in a gay pride parade…

  • davecowens

    I haven’t seen this many Laker fans posting here since Game One of the NBA Finals. Are you guys fans or front runners?
    And no one has yet to answer my question about purple scarves being handed out at the game. Inferno, that scarf could make a nice accessory for your night out at Hyde.

  • BQ

    Dre, We’re talking about vajachick’s off the court antics, the cobra amps up the