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Vegas Did What?

RedsArmyAdmin December 24, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on Vegas Did What?

Now on Barstool Sports:

I nearly spit out my Indian spice milk tea this morning upon seeing the line for tomorrow's game with the Lakers. Los Angeles minus 3. Seriously? Vegas knows all, but this line has me puzzled. 27-2. 19 in a row. League and franchise records.

Last night as the Celtics were blasting Philly, Mike Gorman said he believes the current team is better than the 1986 team. The Lakers are coming off a 4 game in 6 night stretch in which they lost two games. Their defense which was drawing raves early in the season is now allowing nearly 98 ppg. The Lakers are also without one of their key bench players – Jordan Farmar.

The good news about the Lakers being favored: Doc will make sure the guys find out. KG will walk into the locker room at the Staples Center, see the line on the chalkboard and scream, "You gotta be shittin' me!"

Here's my best unbiased prediction: Celtics win by 16.

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