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Rondo Has Soft Lips

RedsArmyAdmin December 22, 2008 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Rondo Has Soft Lips

ESPN's Chris Sheridan uncovered this tidbit about Rondo:

For another, he keeps a tube of Carmex lip balm tucked into his sock every time he plays.

"You know, my lips get dried during the game," he said.

You serious?

"Yeah, serious," Rondo said. "Ever since I started doing that, I've been playing well. A few guys know it. A few opponents will joke about it, say, 'Lemme get some Carmex.' So, a few people know. I guess everybody is going to know now."

Rondo sure is one quirky dude. Read the article and you'll find out he's also superstitious about his headband. And don't forget, he's been playing out of his mind ever since he changed his nap schedule.

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