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Rondo: 10 Assists At The Half

RedsArmyAdmin December 20, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on Rondo: 10 Assists At The Half

And it could be more.  To top it off, he ended the half with a clean rip as Derrick Rose tried to beat the shot clock.

The C's were on their way to a blowout, then our bench came in and didn't quite hold the lead.  Interesting lineup of Pruitt, TA, House, Baby and Powe gave up a bulk of the lead.  Ray started out on fire.  He's got 15.  Perk has 17, mostly because he's catching most of Ray and Rondo's assists.

The C's have made 25 baskets.  The have 21 assists.  Problem is, Chicago is shooting 51% (50% 3pt fg) and they've got 19 rebounds (9 offensive) to the Celtics 13 (5 offensive).

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