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Don’t Overlook Washington

Three days off  + 4-15 team + New Orleans (and the return of James Posey) tomorrow could = let down tonight.  It's not that I expect it… but the ingredients are there.   They did beat Detroit 2 nights ago.

They still have Caron Butler.  They still have Antawn Jamison.  Both are averaging more than 20 points per game.  Andray Blatche is wildly inconsistent, but is capable of a double double.  Again… I don't expect it to happen, but it wouldn't shock me, either.

As for tomorrow, James Posey is excited about it.

I’m really excited for the trip; I’m going to be getting my championship ring. That’s the reason why I play this game, why we all play this game: to have an opportunity to win a championship. It really meant a lot to me to have a chance to win a title in Boston, because of all the tradition surrounding the franchise. It’s pretty surreal to now be associated with and mentioned in the same breath as Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Larry Bird, and the list goes on and on. To be thought of as a player on that team when people look up and see the banner that reads “BOSTON CELTICS 2008 WORLD CHAMPIONS,” that’s something really special. It will be good to see all my former teammates as well. I keep in touch with KG (Kevin Garnett) and Sam (Cassell) all the time, and Doc (Rivers) and I text message each other all the time too.

Tip o' the hat to Jess Camerato for finding Posey's blog.  She also found out that the Celtics have the highest total attendance in the Eastern Conference so far this year.

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  • Another reason not to overlook the Wiz: 1-3 against them last season.

  • That’s why we love him

  • AboveTheRim

    The Wiz suck. I’m going tonight since I live here in DC and they’re attrocious. Butler’s a beast and Antawn’s a wiley vet, but the rest is garbage. Withough Haywood, they are insanely thin at Center. Blatche is a bust and the backup is a rookie, Mgee, who’s light in the cakes so Garnett, Perk and Powe will eat them all alive.

  • Bill

    I saw an interesting trade suggestion on RealGM. Give up Eddie, Giddens, Baby, Scal and O’Bryant and get Gerald Wallace. Minneapolis was involved somehow too. I think it’s an excellent idea: give up a decent down-low presence and a guy who can’t miss from 3 even if he tried for a role player…NOT
    Why fix it if it ain’t broken? What we got right now is fine. It won a world championship and is about to win another. If, god forbid, there is a pressing need at wing, bring up Giddens or Walker and give them a trial by fire. The only reason they’re not playing right now is because there is too much depth, not that they’re not good enough.
    Danny’s got work to do after the parades and visiting Barack, but not now.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    2. Marco Bellineli from golden state havent heard much from this kid since he was drafted but has a huge ceiling, definitely a lot of potential, i have no idea if golden state would even think of trading him though
    I’ve seen him play live many times (I’m Italian and my city’s team is in the premier division). He’s really good, talented, plus GS would probably trade him since Nelson doesn’t use him much (he DNP’d half of the games this season). However, he is NOT a wing, he’s a shooter, much like Ray Allen. He wouldn’t be suited to play at 3.

  • George Templeton

    Wizards fan here and I think the Wizards play up to the competition and make it a good game, but I see the Celts pulling away late to win by 11.
    And to whoever says Blatche is a bust. He is still very young and he sure as hell didn’t look like a bust against Sheed and the Pistons the other night!