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I Don’t Want To Remember Kevin This Way


I'm begging someone to please make it stop.

I loved Kevin McHale.  He was awesome.  I mimicked his post moves in high school.  But as an executive………. ugh.

Now comes word that the Timberwolves are about to fire Randy Wittman… and make Kevin takeover as head coach.  And I just can't take it anymore.  I don't want to see Kevin fail anymore.  Please… someone… make it stop.

I prefer to remember him this way.

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  • Bryan

    I don’t know how to stop it…….but I really wanna say he’s an awesome player and his experience surely won’t let him fail in rest of this goals….. I also pray for him…… as you do buddy….

  • York Roberts

    You think we’ve got it bad with McHale?
    At least we can fondly remember him helping with KG during these years…
    Think about how bad Pistons fans have it with Isiah.