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The Only Thing Good About The Lakers


That is Bonnie-Jill Laflin.  She is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader… and current SCOUT FOR THE LA LAKERS!

She's also the only female scout in the NBA… and the only redeeming quality in the Lakers organization.  And, being a scout for the Lakers, news about her is completely relevant to post on a Celtics site.  I mean… they're our arch enemies… and we want to keep tabs on the right?

She's in the news because she posed almost nude for PETA.  Another photo, and that ad… all courtesy of Dime Magazine… after the jump.


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  • Thetitleisours

    I would pet those puppies 😉

  • Eli

    this site is turning into a titty blog. come on now, I know sex sells and I know I’m guilty of clicking through more than once, but the ratio of relevant posts to half-nude pics is getting disturbing. no offense meant