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Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year

When you aren't voting to put Rajon Rondo on the All-Star team, why don't you check out Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year contest (OBVIOUS WARNING – While the sportscasters are fully clothed, you may find NSFW images on that site) and cast some votes there.

Like most male bloggers, we here at Red's Army love Erin Andrews. Actually, I shouldn't speak for John who has his own favorite.

Courtesy of Sports by Brooks, I've posted pictures of some of the other contestants….after the jump.

Editor's Note: If you don't like this smut, blame John. He's been a posting machine lately, leaving only Celtics scraps for me. And since I lack any creativity, I can only do what I do best.

Michelle Beisner - NFL Network
Adriana Monsalve-ESPN Deportes
Melissa Stark - NBC
Bonnie Bernstein-CBS
Jamie Little - ESPN
Lindsay Soto - NFL Network
Greg Dickerson - Comcast

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  • bwaahaahaaha. Seriously, I snorted my coffee over dickerson.

  • coach bombay

    Great inclusion of dickerson

  • G4L

    My vote is for Adriana Monsalve.. well my second place vote atleast.. because Dickerson is hands down the winner.

  • LMAO. Why is Dick Gregerson on there?