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Best Assist Man In The NBA?

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Gary Tanguay makes that statement, pretty definitively

On the Late Edition I made the statement that many of the top scorers in the NBA would want Rondo as their point guard because he gets the stars the ball in the right spot at the right time and never thinks about his own shot first ( sometimes to a fault). Basketball doctor Ryan Rusillo thinks I should be committed. There may be better point guards the league…Paul, Deron Williams..are more complete yes….I don’t want Tony Parker over Rondo. I am sorry. Rondo is the best assist man in the NBA right now period!

I see exactly what he's saying… and I'm going to go ahead an agree.  When you compare all around individual statistics… you can say Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Tony Parker are better than Rondo.  But as an assist guy… as a guy who will make sure everyone else is fully involved in the game… I don't see anyone out there that does it quite like Rondo.

So if you're a big-time scorer in the NBA, I can see why you might prefer someone like Rondo.  He's going to get you the ball.  And isn't that what you want?

Preach on Mr. Tanguay.  Vote Rondo!

Also on CSN:  A huge breakdown of the Celtics rotations… including how Doc has been going long stretches with nothing but the 2nd unit.

And here's an early nominee for quote of the season, courtesy of Kendrick Perkins (and CelticsBlog):

When asked what he thought of Howard winning the gold medal this summer, he responded: "What’s his impression of me after I won a ring?"

Perkins, FTW!

And the latest round of Blogger MVP and ROY rankings are up on Upside and Motor.  20 of us got together and put LeBron and Derrick Rose atop each list.  Paul Pierce is still in the rankings too… which is nice to see.  His numbers aren't comparable to other choices… but it's nice to see he's being recognize by the people who watch basketball so religiously.

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  • Bill

    I love when Rajon comes away with a steal and feeds the big man trailing for a huge dunk. How can you not love a point guard like that?
    For us non-internet slang people, what does FTW stand for? Fuck the world?

  • JD

    BigMck, you have to remember that the Hornets run three times as many plays for CP3 as the Celtics do for Rondo. How can you not get 11 APG when the ball is in your hand the entire game?

  • If Chris Paul can average 11 assists playing with David West and Tyson Chandler…then he’d average 15 playing with the Celtics.

  • G4L

    Yeah I agree with you chuck. & that was a hell of a quote by Perk!

  • Dustin

    Yes to Rondo…
    but let’s talk about about the Howard/Perk match up. Perk did way more than hold his own…he fell just short of DH in every category. OH! With an exception of minutes of course! Where DH had (sorry, can’t remember the exact # right now and am balancing this post with work at my desk)about 13 more minutes. Perk just needs to control the fouls and he could get all of the recognition in the world…he’s earning it.