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Oooh… Sessy

RedsArmyAdmin December 1, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Oooh… Sessy

Mark Seliger/GQ Magazine

The Celtics are on GQ's "Men of the Year" list.  This list magically includes Megan Fox… who wasn't a man when I last checked (which was in the magical movie studio called "my imagination").  Looks like Perk is getting a good view of Rajon Rondo's back tattoo.  This photo just proves one thing… the Celtics aren't just the best team in basketball… they're the sexiest… RAWR!

Over on Examiner… my heart and my head fight it out over whether to stuff the ballot box for all Celtics… or vote some guys who are having huge seasons.

Let's sit down, and be reasonable here.  The All Star game isn't about you.  It's about recognizing other-worldly achievements.

No.  It's about me and the rest of my Boston boys and girls laughing and exchanging high-fives as someone on a New Jersey Nets message board cries about Devin Harris coming off the bench.  Oh man… that would be WICKED sweet!

Wouldn't it?  And besides, I'm on record as driving the Vote Rondo bandwagon.

I also wrote up a little something for Barstool.  What I wrote is nothing I haven't said here, but I did include a Pulp Fiction photoshop featuring Kevin Garnett and Brian Scalabrine.

And here's a look at our new TShirt.  I think the theme is very simple… we're better than you.  Of course, if you don't like this style, we've got this design on other stuff in our store.

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  • Tim (FD)

    I remember seeing that tatoo last year….. what a picture…. just look at his back structure and also the size of his hand.

  • G4L

    Thats a pretty sick picture!

  • Papa Irish

    why does rondo not have his shirt on?
    and why were scal and big baby not included in the pic with their shirts off?

  • A: Rondo’s a pimp.
    B: including Scal shirtless would throw off the white-balance and exposure of the photo.

  • AboveTheRim

    Ballers yo

  • damn I want that celtics shooting Shirt