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Winning without The Truth

RedsArmyAdmin November 29, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on Winning without The Truth

Check out Paul Pierce's numbers over the last five games – all Celtics wins, of course:

30.2 min, 16-43 FG, 2-13 3FG, 5.4 reb, 11.8 points

His minutes are down because the Celtics are blowing out teams. No problem with that. You can't complain about the 11 points per game, because the Celtics have become a balanced team offensively. (Thank you Rajon Rondo.) I guess you could bitch about the shooting percentage. At 40%, he's tied his career low. Is it because the lack of consistent touches keeps him from maintaining a rhythm? Maybe. But I wouldn't worry.

When the Truth needs to take over games – he does. Just ask Cleveland, Toronto (The Mother Fffin Truth Part I), Atlanta (The Mother Fffin Truth Part II) and Milwaukee – all teams stung by his greatness this season. Not to mention, he's busting his ass on the defensive end.

Looks like the kids, Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens, are enjoying themselves in the NBDL. Giddens had 19 pts, 12 reb and the game-winning baseline jumper in a win over Austin. Walker had 23 pts and 8 rebounds.

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And LeBron James had some words for Charles Barkley who told him to "shut the hell up" when asked about the 2010 free-agency.

A few weeks back, we ran a poll asking fans what they would do if they won a championship ring via the Shamrock Foundation raffle: 40% of you would wear it daily. Personally, I see nothing wrong with flaunting the bling.

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