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LeBron Finishes This A Little Better Than Rondo

RedsArmyAdmin November 24, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on LeBron Finishes This A Little Better Than Rondo

The first dunk in this video is almost impossible to comprehend.  How he goes to his off hand, takes contact, and dunks on his way down is something we should see in every LeBron highlight reel from now on.

But it's the second one that he stole from Rajon Rondo.  Now if only Rondo can grow 9 inches, pack on 70 pounds of solid muscle, and nearly rip the rim off the backboard… he'll be right there.

It's nice to see that JR Giddens and Bill Walker helped spur an easy Utah Flash win by scoring 16 apiece (via CelticsBlog).

Also out there: Slam Magazine finds out how intense KG is.

A reporter approaches Garnett, notepad in hand, asking, “K.G.?” There is no response. He tries again, “Kevin, you have a minute?” Again, nothing. Once more with, “Kevin Garnett?” This time, Garnett turns and walks into the shower area, no flinch, no glance, no movement in the direction of the person requesting his time. He didn’t see him.

Rondo then appears on the scene, notifying the reporter that, “Yeah, he doesn’t talk pregame.” As though it is normal to be dismissed in this fashion

And the Wizards have fired Eddie Jordan.  Another one bites the dust.

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