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Kendrick Perkins is… how do you say… intense.  That intensity leads him to get into some dust-ups and pick up some technical fouls.  Some might consider that problem.  Perk is not one of them.

“I love it,” Perkins said of the intensity that fuels him and his team. “I love how we fight and how we’re competing. Every game is like a playoff game. Guys are giving us our best shots, and we’re pushing forward.”

Doc Rivers, however, doesn't love it.

“He has not listened to me so far,” Rivers said of Perkins. “He’s the one guy I think emotionally when he starts getting involved with other guys and getting techs, it affects his game. He has to be better at that. He still doesn’t understand that just because a guy is trash-talking to you, not talking to him is a sure strength more than responding. What do you need to respond for? Just play.”

I love Perk, but he's got to learn when to tone it down.  Intensity and aggressiveness is great… until it costs the team.  When he's playing his best, Perk makes this team unbeatable because he can defend the basket and clean up some offensive boards.  But not keeping his emotions in check can lead to early fouls and easy points for the other team.  That's nothing new… and that might be the worst part.

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  • G4L

    Perfect picture to describe Perk.
    The thing with Perk is that he actually gets mad at the people he talks trash to. Most other people like KG talk trash to pump them up & to get into the players head. Perk is just a bad ass.

  • Danno

    I dunno. I think he needs to find an “angry medium”. I find myself getting more frustrated with him when he comes out flat and lifeless than I do when he comes out angry and talking smack.
    He is still only 23. he’ll get it under control soon enough. but if he goes to far to the “calm side” he’s completely useless.

  • Bill

    Those Hollinger rankings are fucking retarded. I understand the value behind predictive modeling but his model is just wrong. It completely underestimates the Celtics in every possible category.
    Gerald Green got the start in the Houston Dallas game last night. He even got a steal off an injured McGrady. I thought the kid would be demoted to the And1 circuit by now, but apparently Carlisle thinks he’s good enough to start.

  • the_bantam

    I agree he needs to control it. You get the sense he’s still trying to define his game and going down the wrong path.

  • Leon POW

    Somebody needs to tell Big Baby keep his ass in the paint and be the scrapper he is on the boards. Enough with the jump shots. His game is solid D (guy’s a rock in the post) and let the playmakers get him the ball down low for easy hoops.


    I agree perk needs to tone it down a bit and just play ball, defensively perk has been the beast that we knwo. Anyways what the fuck is up “Hollinger Playoff Odds” Lakers 45.3% chances of winning it all to celtics 4.9% and should I mention Cavs have a 18.3% chance of winning. That is bull shit, how can you honestly believe Cavs have that great of a chance and that Lakers have 40% more chance of winning it all than Celtics. No love for the world champs? People seriously needs to get off the Lakers bandwagon, Bynum has been a Flop , not expected to be what he was thought to be, the lakers so callled defense was a fluke just started the season well but is once again falling off and becoming that offensive team we all know. Meanwhile cavs are on a streak now so lets put them as possible champs what the fuck bull shit. I still say Celtics are the team to beat and until your team gets a ring on there fucking fingers you prove me wrong. Boston will Repeat. it was a long post but i got into the heat of the moment haha have a nice day people

  • Ryan

    Not sure I agree on the big baby criticism. If he can hit that jumper consistently whichever big is guarding him will have to come out on the perimeter. This could open up the middle for drives to the basket from Pierce, Ray or Tony (most likely since they’ll play together on the second unit) and give Powe more room to operate in the low post.