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Don’t Forget How Much We Hate The Hawks

I'm sure the Celtics don't need any motivation to beat the 6-0 Hawks tonight, but I think a refresher on last year's 7-game playoff series will do us all some good.

Mike Bibby got things started by calling us fair-weather fans. Red's Army responded by calling for the "Rondo's Better" chant and the fans delivered. Bibby proceeded to suck the entire series.

The Hawks tried to act tough. There was Josh Smith's hard foul on Paul Pierce in Game 2. And then in Game 3, Al Horford hit a couple of big shots in the Hawks win and felt obliged to talk trash with Paul Pierce. The Truth responded with a "gang sign" which resulted in a $25K fine.

Game 4 brought the Zaza Pachulia headbutt on KG….which lead to Garnett tossing aside a referee. The Hawks won the game thanks to a crazy-hot Joe Johnson, but at least KG wasn't suspended.

Game 5 was another Celtics blowout win at the Garden. It was also a momentous occasion because John and I sat in TD Banknorth's luxury box.

My head nearly exploded during Game 6.

And in Game 7, the Celtics squeaked out a 34 point victory…highlited by a KG-throat slash gesture after a vicious dunk and this awesome quote: “Atlanta wanted it, this is what you get.”

So there you have it, a recap of last year's wild playoff series with the Hawks. If tonight's game has 1/10th the intensity, we'll be in for a real treat.

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  • ShooterMcGavin

    you should do everybody a favor and post the video clip of KG straight up body checking that bitch pachulia with a sick pick in game 7

  • Nickels


  • Danno

    Making “Paul Pierce is a Fake Gangsta” comments while asking if Boston has any black fans.
    Nah, you’re not racist. You’re just a complete fucking retard.

  • G4L

    “Boston’s percentage of minorities: 50.2%
    Atlanta’s percentage of minorities: 38%
    These are based on 2007 census estimates.”
    NewsFlashMike you just got owned… come back when your team does something.

  • Typo??????

  • Leon POW

    I am going to dominate ZaZa tonight

  • Nate
    everyone watch that…nice refresher

  • Tim (FD)

    Why does this even matter? In the words of Johnnythebone, “underneath the skin and jewelry, we’re all the same,” so who cares whether the fans are black, white, or transparent.
    But I’m pretty sure Mike’s numbers are much more accurate than Scott’s.

  • Papa Irish

    Good point NewsFlashMike how dare white people go to celtics games shame on those racists

  • tuka

    First the Raptor Truthers and now this idiot…it’s great to be the champs!

  • Screw the Hawks! Go Celts!

  • Nora

    Could care less about the Hawks at the end of the day C’s have a ring and Hawks lost in the 1st round. And no matter how well Hawks are doing early? Will they be able to keep it up? Blazers went on a long winning streak last year and what did it get them? No playoffs.