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Garnett + Calderon=Return Of Matty G

Regular readers know Matty G was once a regular contributor.  Circumstances have drawn him away from Red's Army, but KG coaxed him out of semi-retirement with that finger-waving thing he did to Jose Calderon.  Please enjoy the return, however temporary, of Matty G.  Video of the KG/Calderon moment and daily links after the jump.

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For anyone who wasn't sure what Kevin Garnett brought to the table, they got a full understanding of it last season. Monster dunks, a beautiful 18 foot jumper, and tons of profanities, just to name a few. But his best attribute is his defense. Not only did he take home the Defensive Player of the Year award, but the Celtics as a team allowed just over 90 points a game. Defense wins championships, as the Celtics learned last season. But Garnett's defense spans far more than blocked shots and steals, and it showed in last nights 94-87 win over the Toronto Raptors.

Bill Russell's favorite part of defense was the mental aspect. He loved getting in opponent's head so they not only feared the humiliation of a blocked shot, but were haunted by imaginary footsteps from his Chuck Taylor's. Even when he was on the other side of the floor, his presence was always felt. This frustrated the opposition to the point where they didn't want to shoot the ball anymore.

Garnett may not be as dominant a defender as Russell (then again, who is?) but he sure has the "whatever you do, don't forget I'm out on the floor" part down pat. The Celtics found themselves down 12 at halftime after a sluggish effort in the first half. They slowly crept back into things in the third quarter, cutting the lead to just six after 36 minutes. In the final 1:09 of the third, Garnett helped spark the Celtics and psyched out the Raptors. After hitting one of those 18 footers to cut the Raptors lead to 61-55 , Garnett didn't just waltz down the court to cover his man. No, after Toronto point guard Jose Calderon got in his face on the shot, KG returned the favor… the entire way up the court.

As Calderon tried to bring the ball up, Garnett gave new meaning to full court press. He clapped in the Spaniard's face, did his best impression of "Spirit Fingers" (yes, that is a Bring It On reference) and barked out dialogue that in print would have to be written as #@%*!>?^&. Needless to say, I don't think he was complimenting Calderon's dribbling skills.

Instead Garnett got inside his head. Calderon begged and pleaded for a taunting call, like a little brother begs his parents to scold his older brother after administering a wet willey. He must be an only child, because this usually leads to something far worse, like a wedgie (or in some cases, the atomic wedgie). Instead, Garnett kept barking. He continued to hound him on the Raptors ensuing possession, and it all led to Calderon shouting a few choice words in Garnett's direction when the quarter ended.

Words are only words. The bottom line was the Celtics were down only six, and the message was there: The Celtics are not giving this one away. Not on Garnett's watch.

Paul Pierce took over in the final few minutes, and ended up scoring 22 of his 36 points in the fourth quarter. That's what the captain is for, scoring in crunch time. It's his job, and he does it like very few others do, much like Garnett on defense. When points need to be scored, Pierce is the guy to do it. When a team needs to be intimidated, and shooed away with their tails between their legs, Garnett is the guy to that.

Since his arrival last summer, Garnett has completely changed everything about the Celtics. Defense is the key. The intensity on the court is through the Garden rafters and breaks through the roof. If a teammate takes a play off, Garnett will be there to let them know. Even when injured for nine games last season, players knew they had to give 100%, because KG's voice could be heard around the corner. He couldn't sit on the bench while he was out because it caused him too much distress not being in there.

Sure he makes as much as the entire Celtics bench plus Kendrick Perkins, but Garnett puts it all out on the table every night for every play. Other than Tim Duncan, are there any other $20 million men* that play and focus as much on defense as Garnett? There may not be, and there may never be.

Then again "Anything Is Possibllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."
* In order of salary according to

Stephon Marbury, NY: $21,937,500.00 (hasn't play defense at all this season)
Allen Iverson, Det: $21, 937,500.00 (at least he plays more D than Marbury)
Jason Kidd, Dal: $21,372,000.00
Jermaine O'Neal, Tor: $21,352,500.00
Kobe Bryant, LAL: $21,262,500.00
Tracy McGrady, Hou: $21.126,874.00 (a lot of $ for 1st round exits)
Tim Duncan, SA: $20,598,703.00
Shaquille O'Neal, Pho: $20,000,000.00

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  • AboveTheRim

    What a nasty 1-2 KG and Pierce make. Goddam are we fortunate to have these two bad mofos wanting it.

  • G4L

    A Bring it on reference… didn’t see that coming.
    KG is just the man! & I saw him whip out what looked to be a semi-cobra!

  • Jester00

    Are we going to see the return Matty G Awards now!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonny truth

    god, what a tool Garnett is! Calderon showed him what a man really is, as opposed to showboating puerility. Where was the tech? I thought the refs were supposed to clean up their act this year. Don’t worry, they’ll leave the “champs” bandwagon when their record goes into the crapper; obviously this team has nothing but hype.

  • tuka

    I can’t stand trolls that act like fans of a team to make a stupid point like “my 30 year fan support ended last night.”
    How much of an idiot do you have to be to change your support of a team based off of one game? Dumb troll. Dumb troll. Dumb troll.
    KG was a monster last night. End of story.

  • cb

    KG display last night= classless, disrepectful and plain old rude. I have been watching the Celtics since the 80’s and I am glad they won a championship, but the way this team has been displaying themselves is a disgrace. I am not sure stomach a full season of it

  • Matty S.

    Yea definitely looks like the same asshole wrote all these.
    Big Green Fan : No More? So you are saying after being a C’s fan for THIRTY YEARS, you no longer are because Garnett got in a guys face and tried to psych him out?? I agree it may have warranted a technical but are you fuckin serious??? A fan for 30 years and the year after a Championship you say its over because of that???? You have GOT to be kidding me. This is definitely the same person over and over.
    John/Chuck – Can we confirm this???

  • Dr. Phil

    Dear Toronto fans, your team is a bunch of whinny ninnies. You sound like their mom – ‘no – don’t talk mean to him, he’ll get upset!’. At some point in time, your team needs to man up. Sadly, this won’t happen for you until they move to Seattle. Garnett exposed your point guard to be the classic flopper. Real men don’t cry to their momma’s, they rectify things. Good luck next year. I wonder when we sign Bosh .. 2010?

  • Ben

    Uh it’s pretty obvious that it’s the same guy, the comments come in one minute intervals of one another.

  • Big Aaron

    So Garnett gets no tech, yet everyone else gets a tech when they wag their finger in Dikembe’s face?

  • Danno

    Apparently all these people who’ve been “watching the Celtics since the 80’s and are disgusted” – haven’t.
    Or they’d remember things like:
    Bird throwing the ball at Laimbeer, and beating the snot out of him.
    Bird announcing in from of 100’s of thousands at City Hall Plaza “Moses Eats Shit” on the microphone.
    Larry throwing haymakers at Dr. J.
    Parish tossing Rambis to the floor.
    Nuthin but a bunch of Toronto Trolls still pissed cuz’ they got they ass whooped last night. Punk ass bitches.

  • jay

    Garnett is awesome. Only a REAL man can punk a little point guard from Spain!

  • double P reppin the B

    I don’t understand how anyone can have a problem with what KG was doing. He got Calderon out of his game and the raptors fell apart, it was actually brilliant and funny as hell watching KG taunt that clown, I LOVE that the celtics are like the most hated team in the league, its all jealousy, if Bosh or jermaine had the balls to do that to rondo the raptors fans would love it. Its just that KG actually puts fear into your teams that is what bothers you, hhaha just ask the lakers and every other team that hates us in the league, we tear your heart out and win, talk shit and back it up, and don’t care about anyone but our team. so SUCKS!

  • DreinLA

    One game, one interaction… who cares? This sort of thing is between the players, anyway. Anyone ever play this game? Anyone ever had someone jaw at you? Anyone ever quietly outplay them?
    It’s the game, folks.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    I’ll start off by saying, I am a Raptors fan.
    Now let me continue by saying … you guys have a great team. The Celtics are definitely a power house, and you deserved last night’s win. I’m not about to argue that.
    As for the Raptors, they are a team trying to get to that level, with a few pieces left to go, but a pretty decent core at this time. One of those is Calderon. A guy who is still with the Raptors (unlike TJ Ford), not simply because of his numbers, but because he’s a very passionate player, and a team first type of guy.
    And KG is a definite super star, who brings to the Celtics, what a championship team needs. And I believe his intensity was a big reason for last night`s turn-around.
    That being said, his “finger wagging” was bush league, and I`m truly surprised he didn`t get a tech on that. Hopefully he`ll have a little more class next time these two teams meet.
    As a Raptors fan, we always look forward to the sport of it, even if we don`t feel that way about a loss.

  • Lakerhater

    What has completely under-reported is that Calderon used his fingers to make slanty eyes at KG which instigated the whole thing. After the bullsh*t the Spaniards pulled at the olympics they get no sympathy from me just because KG punked on him. Don’t worry Calderon, your shower pal Gasol will get worse than a finger wag.

  • Low funds

    Such arrogant people you all are. It wasn’t so long ago that your team was a bunch of scrubs, oh well.
    Anyway, what an incredibly bush league play. And Calderon wasn’t talking any trash, KG just went insane, like he usually does. Sure it served a purpose, they won, but it still was taunting, and by rule that’s a technical.
    I hope Joe Johnson ruins you guys.

  • Larry

    wow, that was one long description of the celtics by the hawks fan: old ass creaky knees celtics.
    who here really thinks the celtics are old ass creaky knees celtics? who here really thinks the hawks will win the game?

  • PxFunk

    MATTY G!

  • Mat

    ummm please show me the footage of calderon whining.

  • thegaber

    Stephon Marbury, NY: $21,937,500.00 (hasn’t play defense at all this season)
    Forget defense he hasn’t had a chance to play either end of the floor. What a shame, once hyped as the heart of soul of New York and I still believe is, now reduced to a 21 million manager.

  • i love garnet… i love jordan…

  • droopy

    i was there last night screaming like an idiot all game.. i dont think anyone made a peep until the 4th quarter. what a fun game to watch though. as fans i dont know why half the people that go by tickets they just sit in there seats and suck there thumbs. make some fucking noise if your at the game. thats what were there for to be the 6th man for our team. make teams not want to come into our building

  • Nora

    Those Celtics won the world Championship last year. They will be fine. Let’s see the Hawks do this all year. They usually drop off eventually. Until they do the smack talk is a bit much.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    I don`t know your definition of sport, but for me, it`s about class.
    As you refer to Olympic issue, you failed to mention that Calderon also acknowledged that “brain cramp” moment by him and his team-mates.
    Now don`t get me wrong. As a Raptor fan, I`d like to see my team kick your ass. Celtics that is.
    Just as much as you`d like to see the opposite.
    That`s what I like about sports.
    As for KG`s “brain cramp” …….. not so much.
    At least have the balls to admit that.

  • Jester00

    happy veterans day i know alot of vets read this!!!!!!
    I will drink a couple for you tonight

  • Sha

    My goodness some of you raptor fans need to grow a spine!

  • nannerb

    you forgot to mention that on that play, jose got an assist when he found kapono for a 3 pointer….
    how effective was the taunting if jose still produced during the play?

  • CGM

    I have been watching basketball for a long time. The way the Celtics have been conducting themselves on the court and bench is a joke. The only player who hasn’t bought into the hype in my opinion is Ray Allen. PP dogged it all those years the Cs were losing, then when they get some quality players he decides to step it up? Please. And where to begin on KG. He pulled the same nonsense with Calderon against Steve Nash in the playoffs a few years ago. He portrays this tuff guy image until push comes to shove he does not back it up (Hawks last year and his recent girl-slap). You would figure if he was going to talk all the smack, he would have the ability to back it up, like, let’s say Shaq (did you see him clean house against the Rockets?) I have all the respect in the world for his game and intensity, but the in-your-face attitude rubs a lot of experienced basketball people who love the purity of game the wrong way. I am looking forward to the playoffs this year to watch KGs intensity as they are bounced in their attempt for a repeat.

  • Thankyou verymuch