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McDyess, Marbury or Neither?

RedsArmyAdmin November 7, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments

There continues to be an awful lot of chatter about the Celtics reaching out and acquiring Antonio McDyess and (god forbid) Stephon Marbury.

Putting a Celtics uniform on Starbury doesn't make sense to anyone except the out-of-touch Charlie Pierce who apparently has taken a liking to the crazed point guard because of his cheap sneakers and jackets.

Personally, and as a gesture of gratitude for the cheap shoes, I think your defending world champions should take a look at him. He’s still a healthy veteran point guard, and the team has yet to produce a backup for Rajon Rondo, who will become a star if they can somehow keep him intact.

Here's what a lot of people still don't get: the Celtics don't need a backup point guard. Eddie House works. Having the 2nd unit offense run through Paul Pierce or Ray Allen works. What doesn't work is a crazed, tattoo-on-the-head, me first guy named Stephon Marbury.

McDyess intrigues me. His performance against the Celtics in the ECF is reason enough to bring him here. But do we really need another perimeter-playing big man? And while PJ Brown was happy with a reduced role, with McDyess be happy playing 15 minutes a night? And is there room on the roster? Who will be cut? Patrick O'Bryant? Does Big Baby get traded?

Verdict: If you can get McDyess for the $2.392 million midlevel exception…then do it. Maybe Danny will finally smarten up and cut Scalabrine to make room.

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  • zippittyay

    Exactly what part of Pruitt’s preseason suggested he is not able to come in as a more than adequate back up point guard?

  • Danno

    If they pick up Marbury, I might consider giving up my season tickets.

  • BostonFan

    Damn…Marbury’s dome would never fit through the garden doors. This is similar to the Ron Artest talks…F**K them both

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    I’m happy with the Celtics’ backup point guards … plus I think the team desperately needs Eddie House’s shooting. He’s the only quality jump shooter in the rotation outside of the Big Three right now. Marbury is a solid shooter but nowhere near the class of House.
    McDyess is a quality player. Not sure how much of an upgrade he is though. He’d bring a lot of offense … but I thought he struggled against opposing centers last season, that’ll limit how effective he is playing alongside Powe. Still I’d sign him in a heartbeat, he’s clearly still a quality player.

  • Celtics2000

    Marbury is everything that is wrong with the NBA. Would be be a cancer and tarnish this team’s image

  • http://www.dunkonu.com dunkonu

    McDyess is a beast and a player everyone in Detroit loves, because he plays with passion. I would love him to retire as a Piston, but nobody would blame him if he leaves Detroit one day – it is sad to see him play with energy while the rest of the team looks tired and disinterested.