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Shank 4 Months Late On Pierce Tribute

The Celtics won the title in June.  You know… when the leaves that just fell off the trees we just little buds? 

So even if you wanted to let the taste of cigar and champagne sink in for a little while, the time to finally acknowledge that Paul Pierce has entered the pantheon of all-time Celtics was back THEN (like we did in July), not October 31, like Dan Shaughnessy.   

He didn't even write the damn piece after opening night (like this).  It's 3 days later.  We're playing the Bulls tonight. 

Here are some thoughts for your next piece: 

  • James Posey Could Be A Tough Loss
  • Pitino Really Set The Celtics Back
  • Maybe Marc Acres Isn't The Answer
  • Walker Wiggle: Too Much?

I don't know why I bang on Shank, though.  He's part of the reason why we (and blogs in general) are doing so well.  Why wait 3 days for some overpaid hack to get around to your favorite topic?  Go to a place like Red's Army, and get something relevant.  So I guess I should be thanking him.  Keep up the great work!

Update:  the comments are starting to turn into other old topics Shank can write about now.  Everyone chime in!

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  • jester00

    you forgot, Alaa Abdelnaby is he the next Kevin MChale?

  • MikeintheNE

    Garden to be replaced by Shawmut Center.

  • I love it… keep ’em coming.
    “Sherman Douglas: PG of the Future”

  • AboveTheRim

    Boycott Shank

  • Mike

    What can we realistically expect from Stojko? And will he let you bum a cigarette off of him in good humor?
    (And that is Vrankovic, for the uninitiated).

  • Ryan (UNC332)

    “Eric Williams: Greatest 6th man ever?”

  • Tim (FD)

    Mark Blount: A Bust?

  • Papa Irish

    Dino Radja, the dawn of a new era?

  • zippittyay

    Thank you for an exceptionally well written article that conveyed exactly what it means to be a celtic legend as well as a fan in a manner poor Dan Shaughnessy couldn’t ever hope to aspire to…..
    “It was the night black high-tops walked with hip-hop. ” (?) GAG….