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Thank You Mr. D.

RedsArmyAdmin October 30, 2008 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Thank You Mr. D.

He's the guy that bailed us out against Cleveland.

In the second half, Mr. D took the court.  Suddenly, there were no easy baskets.  Cleveland's shots were challenged.  They weren't given second chances.  The boys in white had their best buddy back, and they were all shutting LeBron and the Cavs down.  Mr. Defense smacked the Celtics in the face, looked them in the eye, and said "you're better than these guys, but only with me around."  A 13 point 3rd quarter later, we all remembered how much we need Mr. D around.  35 total Cavs points in the second half made us remember why we were even celebrating a championship Tuesday night.  38.8% shooting by the Cavs in the second half made us wonder why he wasn't there for a full game. 

Here are some shots of the game from regular reader Jesse.  He apologized for the quality… which is funny… because I wish my pictures came out that well.

Scott over at BostonSportz thinks Bob Ryan is a bitter old man… because of his take on Paul Pierce's speech.

And I suddenly really love Gregg Popovich… for this:  the best ever use of "Hack A Shack" (via The Hoop Doctors)

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  • Danno

    Honestly, I expected Ryan to show a bit more humility after his son’s death, but he’s only gotten more bitter and grumpy. Its’ too bad, he analyzes the game pretty well. Maybe he should just leave emotions out of it altogether.

  • Chruce

    Has anyone found a recording of that speech? I should add the caveat that it is clearer than the youtube clip from the link in this article. I heard the radio played it when it was on. If anybody has anything at all I would love to see/hear it. Thanks

  • PxFunk

    That Popovich Hack a Shaq thing is hilarious!

  • MikeintheNE

    I agree with most of what Danno said with respect to a lot of Boston players not showing emotion. I suppose they don’t because of what the old guard (Ryan, CHB, ect..) will do to them when they feel the need to fire their gun. As for Papelbon, he’s a great pitcher but enough with the antics. Act like you’ve been there before. You have.
    Was at opening night and am loving the crowd. Should be a huge home court advantage this year.

  • The speech was basically like an Oscar acceptance speech – nothing outrageous – just Pierce thanking his family and high school coach and stuff like that (they were all in the stands). He finished up by talking about Red – it was a classy. I love Bob Ryan’s writing and insights but he definitely has trouble warming up to the “new” guys (aka anyone after the Bird era). Him calling Toine a punk a few years back was the first sign of Ryan’s curmudgeonly “get off my lawn” mentality.

  • I haven’t heard his speech… so I can’t really comment. But knowing what I know about Pierce, and hearing him speak time and time again, I’m giving him a pass even if that speech wasn’t what people “expected” or “wanted it to be”
    For Christ’s sake… did anyone see how emotional he was out there? What did they want… a written speech and teleprompters?

  • double P reppin the B

    What I was most impressed with was Pierce’s weight and his regained athleticism. Was happy to see him blow by LBJ for a dunk early in the game, he looks like hes faster and more explosive so I’m lovin that!