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Yeah… In A Short Bus Sorta Way


Pau Gasol is a strong offensive player.  He's got skills.  But as a 7-foot post player, he's ridiculously soft.  Marshmallow soft.  Goose-down pillow soft.  So soft, he really cost as they got smoked by the Celtics.

But that hasn't stopped Pau from saying this about himself on a Spanish sports site:

"I think I'm a special player, I'm clinching things not so easy to take"

umm… well…

Pau Gasol said he earned "the people's respect and admiration" at the NBA, especially because he is the first Spaniard player to reach an NBA final

Yeah… not so much.

Look… Gasol is a nice player.  But until he grows a pair and stands up to someone in the post, he's not going to be "special."  Special players either play on both ends of the floor (like KG),  or are so ridiculous offensively, that he lack of defense can be overlooked.  Pau is neither.

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