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Celtics Are The NBA’s Gisele

Big props to Cuzoogle for one hillarious season preview:

While most teams live up or live down to what is written about them, injuries and trades are variables that are hard to predict. So assuming nobody else gets hurt and no trades are made (humour us) here is how Cuzoogle sees the season going for NBA teams using a ranking system of ladies. We attach a female photo to each team to illustrate how the season looks for that team. The hotter the better of course.

It's clear the Celtics are the team to beat, since they've been assigned Gisele Bundchen. But the Hornets will give them a run for their money (Jessica Alba). Check out the post for the hot chicks and funny captions.

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  • alex

    Why can’t we get a hotter girl like Elisha Cuthbert or Kirsten Dunst. Even Brady’s ex would be preferable.