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Pruitt’s Time To Shine

RedsArmyAdmin October 12, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments

The of the few times preseason wins and losses really matter is when a team has an opportunity to win a game in its final possession.  Last night, the Celtics had that opportunity, and it fell to Gabe Pruitt to make things happen.

And he did. 

What we're seeing is the first evidence that his insane offseason workout progam is paying off.  But getting better physically is only half of it.  The other half is getting into the right mindset to not only lead a team… but lead a team full of superstars.  And of all the people helping Gabe get there mentally… it's the guy no one wanted back in Boston:

“If you want to follow the example of somebody who is vocal, [Sam Cassell] is the guy,” laughed Pruitt, who admittedly has encountered some trouble getting vocally tough with his star teammates.

“Yeah, that can be hard because there’s a lot of older guys,” he said. “You tend to want them play their game.

“But I came in this year and my new focus was to just play the game,” said Pruitt. “Do the little things. Sam has been really helping me out, and also (assistant coach) Armond (Hill). Sam has really been pulling me aside and working with me.”

Sam says he wants to be an assistant after he's done.  Maybe this year is his training… and he'll be a sort of player coach.  No matter what… I think Gabe Pruitt is a pretty good basketball player.  With Doc adding his usual focus on point guards, this kid has plenty of chances to learn how to play the position.  He's got good skills.  Once his basketball IQ reaches the next level, he'll be a very valuable asset to this team.

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  • Tim (FD)

    I was waiting for Tommy to say ” This kid Pruit is going to be a perennial all-star in this league.”

  • http://celtics247.com/blog/?p=735 Anonymous