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Really Darius? Still??

Comcast SportsNet Screen Capture

So there I was… watching my DVR'd version of last night's preseason game… when Patrick O'Bryant made a nice pass from the top of the key to Darius Miles under the basket.  Darius isn't quite as explosive as he once was… so instead of a 180 dunk… it was a bit of a soft lay in over the rim.

And then he did that alien-antenna thing. 

Really Darius?  You're STILL doing that?  Even after a career that might be described as sub-par… and as you try to reclaim the last few years of it as a role player on a championship team?  You're still going to showboat after a layup in a preseason game in which you were obviously rusty and winded? 

People joked about whether they'd see him bust that thing out this season… because we all knew he didn't have the audacity to do it. 

Or so we thought.

I need some cheering up.  Here's Bill Walker, introducing himself to Theo Ratliff:

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  • DreinLA

    Richard Simmons should know!

  • Richard Simmons

    It is simply the g@yest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • ManUp

    I don’t like it because it doesn’t exactly scream unbuntu. Plus it looks pretty stupid.

  • Dude….why you so negative all the time? Miles hasn’t played in two years….he’s celebrating his return to the court.

  • You’re making too big of a deal over it. I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t think he does it to showboat anymore. Kind of like Jason Kidd’s kiss to his kid and (ex)wife at the free throw line.
    BTW… Bill Walker, huge pick up…. Raps could have drafted him.. i was voting for that pick.

  • Pat

    Theo Ratliff has had a rough last couple of games playing against the Celtics. Who’s next to posterize him?

  • JG

    Don’t think of it as showboating … it’s just playful simulated teabagging.

  • Jester00

    yea don’t you remember when Hondo in the preseason would give Bobby Knight and in-game shout out………o wait he didn’t do that!!!!!!!!! knuckle head…..I could care less about that stuff can’t we all just drink a beer. this was good game

  • zippittyay

    hey, tony allen is STILL slow at picking things up…

  • Bill

    I thought TA looked good last night. Confident and quicker now that he isn’t weighed down with the brace. Walker looks like quite the draft day steal. POB looks like a strong pickup. I still think Pruitt is the true backup to Rajon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they send Giddens to the NBDL based on the way Thibideau mentioned him in the postgame. Ideally, they keep him around and convince Scal to retire, but Danny is still committed to Scal even though I’m a better at basketball. Maybe there’s an unwritten rule in the NBA that every team must have at least one white dude. And the Boston Three Party look razor sharp. We may lose more games than last year, but banner 18 just may be easier than banner 17.

  • Papa Irish

    Why the fuck does everyone want scal cut? he just sits their and doesnt harm anyone why not cut effing sam sam cassell who doc might actually put in the game during a crucial situation and eff things up
    Scal is on a mascot like level you cant get rid of him now

  • Jester00

    Just google image “scallie” it makes me laugh everytime