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Tony Allen > Posey

RedsArmyAdmin October 3, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Tony Allen > Posey

So says…. Tony Allen.

“I truly believe that I am a better player than Pose. I don’t want to toot my own horn and make it sound like that, but that’s how I feel. I mean, I let the coaches evaluate that. That’s just how I feel.”

Well… at least he's confident.  All I got to say to that is… prove it. 

(via Celtics Blog)

Here are more of your blogger previews:  Knicks.  And Nets.

If you're a mega stat geek…. first… give me your lunch money.  Second… check out this wild formula from for figuring out who the best 3 point shooters in the league are now… and over the past 5 years.  Here's a hint as to who leads over the past 5 years.  His name rhymes with Shmay Shmallen. 


And… FanHouse spoke to Kevin Garnett.  The most surprising quote:

"You know what's crazy, man? I hate showing emotion. I hate showing raw emotion because I like that to be private. Sometimes when there's an abundance of it, I can't really center it or control it, and when it comes out, it's not like I'm ashamed of it, but if I could control it a lot better, I would. And sometimes, I ain't gonna front, I label it as disappointing,

It's interesting stuff. 

In case you need reminding… here he is… right after the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship last year.  Specifically… standing under fluttering green and white confetti, wearing a "Champions" hat, on his way to hug Bill Russell and get the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

Yeah… defending champs!

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  • great points Mike…
    I think the key thing people have to remember is… Tony is a different kind of player than Posey. It won’t be fair to either guy to match up their stats and compare them.
    But there is no getting around it… Tony is going to have to make us forget about Posey.

  • Mike

    Well, talent-wise, I’d say Tony is definitely better. Reality-wise, Posey played well and Tony flailed all the way to the end of the bench.
    Breaking it down, what Posey does well, he does substantially better than Tony: defensive rebounding, 3-point shooting and team defense; he also brought an intangible element of leadership/experience that his teammates from KG on down obviously appreciated.
    Tony of course can get to the basket better with the ball and on the break, he’s a much better perimeter defender in spite of Posey’s reputation as being a lockdown defender (he’s a solid on the ball defender but I think his legend outstripped reality in that case), Tony can also create a shot for a teammate (although I wouldn’t call it a strength of his); Tony of course has the intangible of being at least a small bit insane.
    I’m pretty pro-Tony and was in the camp that was very happy to see him come back. But in the end you’re correct, it’s pretty simple: he’s got to prove it. Barring another injury I think he will.

  • Papa Irish

    I agree that the pre injury TA was much more versatile offensively than POZE and their defensive capabilities are about the same though they do guard slightly different positions in that TA can guard the 2, 3, and point whereas POZ-E guards more the 2,3,and 4
    the biggest difference between poze and ta is between the ears, see if ta can improve on that because if he cant then this whole conversation is pointless
    the real question is who will fill pozey’s role in giving awkward manhugs?

  • Tim (FD)

    Didn’t I say what TA said like 3 days ago?
    Great minds think alike.

  • mollysdaddy

    My only thought about how Posey’s replacement (minutes wise) can make me not miss him is this…
    There were games last year when I felt better that Posey entered the game. If Pierce or Allen was struggling and Posey came in, I knew, I just knew it, he would do something to get the team going.
    His replacement needs to be able to do that. I don’t care who he guards, how fast he can get to the basket, how he does whatever, if he can bring the overall level of play like Posey would, that is all that matters.