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Gotta Go To Mo’s… Say… Around 3 PM

Do you need sneakers?  Maybe a hat?  Some socks?

It might be worth your while to purchase said items at the Modell's on Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge.  I'd say head down there around… oh…. 3pm or so.  Word is… someone we all know is going to be there today.

And let me just say that I wouldn't post this if I heard Scal was showing up.

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  • MA

    BTW, check out the ring fitting video on
    Who would’ve thunk that Paul Pierce is an 11 1/2?

  • Yeah…. and if I told someone that Paul Pierce was going to be somewhere… but told that person “just don’t mention Pierce’s name”…… and that person used the name ANYWAY…..
    That would piss me off. So much that I wouldn’t tell a Celtics website any more things about what happens with the Celtics.

  • Danno

    Trouble in paradise, still?
    I swear, Chuck is trying to sink this ship as fast as he can.
    what a jackalope.