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RedsArmyAdmin September 12, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Hot Sportscasters (Yes, thats a real web site)

While John refuses to believe anyone is sexier than Tommy Heinsohn, I remain obsessed with ESPN's Erin Andrews. And once I caught wind of's Sexiest Sportscaster Poll, I finally had my excuse for putting Erin's (yes, we are on a first name basis) picture on this site. Granted all those models-turned-sportscasters like Lisa Guerrero and LeAnne Tweeden will get votes, but c'mon fellas, they aren't true journalists like Erin. Speaking of chicks, now that Laura Behnke is done with Comcast, I'm wondering if they hire another babe to take her place.
As for Celtics news, Danny Ainge has confirmed the C's will likely sign Sam Cassell:

"We always bring four point guards to training camp. We love where Gabe [Pruitt] is and we also have Eddie House. Rajon [Rondo] is our starter and they are fighting for the backup spot."

And the Celtics are taking their championship trophy up to Maine later this month.
More Erin Andrews pics, after the jump.

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  • Tim (FD)

    Look at the guys checking her out in the first picture after the jump….

  • Damn, that last picture of her butt isn’t viewable. I will have to find another one.

  • Jester00

    Started typing and remembered this a family website so I will just say she is Hot. Also If you really want to make some dough this weekend Bet on the Steelers over the Clowns take the points they will cover. go to BetUS I also like the Cheifs over the Raiders!!!!!!
    Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bantam

    Tough to argue with Ines. Kathryn Tappen should be up there eventually… also a ‘sportscaster that is hot’ vs. ‘model as sportscaster’.

  • I don’t know, she’s not that hot. To each their own…