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New Celtics Highlights!!!

RedsArmyAdmin September 2, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on New Celtics Highlights!!!

Yes… this qualifies as Celtics content in September.

Sometimes, covering the NBA in September can be a lot like Krusty the Clown broadcasting live from the civil defense shack in the remote Alkali Flats of the Springfield Badlands.  Today we were joined by Professor Gas Can.  Tomorrow, I hope to book former President Ike Eisenhower

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  • double P reppin the B

    haha i used to play ball there all the time, theres a lot of good runs there

  • G4L

    Celtics win again!!

  • jester00

    Kids…Itchy and Scratchy can’t be here today. But instead,we’ve got the next best thing! It’s the Stingy and Battery show! They bite. And light. And bite and light and…yatta, yatta, you know what I’m talking about
    Great job on that one john

  • Josh

    Did I spy a Ricky Davis poster?