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… And On The 8th Day… Bloggers Will Rise Up And Smite Their Enemies!

RedsArmyAdmin August 28, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off

Think owners don't pay attention to blogs?

Then talk to the owner of SaveOurSonics who was served a subpoena by now Oklahoma City owner Clay Bennet.

I got hit yesterday sitting in a meeting with my insurance company when a guy in a bright yellow shirt started hanging out, and eventually knocking on my conference room door. Right in the middle of the meeting I got the handoff and the “You’ve been served.” line.

Let's be clear here… this is just some guy who loved his Sonics… and started a blog about it.  He's not being sued… but he's being questioned about something good. 

Look… blogs are about you guys… not people like me and Chuck.  What I love is that someone passionate about a team he loves started something and people followed him.  It's too bad his team had to be taken away… but maybe he can exact some sort of revenge in court that ultimately, in some form, stings Bennet.

(via TrueHoop)

Also… be sure to check out BallDon'tLie's photoshop contest about Eddy Curry's past aspirations to be a gymnast.  Great fun for everyone.

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