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Welcome Darius Miles

RedsArmyAdmin August 22, 2008 Uncategorized 18 Comments on Welcome Darius Miles


According to the Globe's Marc Spears, the C's have signed Darius Miles to a non-guaranteed contract. Yes, he's never played to his potential, spent the last two years with major problems and will reportedly be suspended 10-games for violating the league's drug policy but when you are the world champs, you can take a flyer on these types of guys. And he really, really wants to be here:

“I’ve watched the Boston Celtics play a lot last year and loved what I saw in their teamwork and chemistry on the court and it’s the team that I want to try to resume my career with.” Miles said in a press release. “I am excited about having an opportunity to play on a team that I feel my personality fits with and a team that can have great success on the court.”

Maybe, just maybe, he can fill the James Posey role.

If my memory serves me right, John predicted this signing earlier this summer.

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  • sean

    extremely excited about this. why not give the guy a shot??

  • Chris

    Kick ass… I’m just glad he’s back in the league. screw the blazers and their salary cap too!

  • Tim (FD)

    I like it. But can the damn season start already

  • Not trying to pick on you John. It would be worse if you, say, picked the eventual World Champs to win 44 games prior to the start of the season.

  • David

    He and Pierce can talk cars:

  • …in DC

    Million dollar body/skills, 10 cent head.

  • davecowens

    I like it. Perhaps he can be the Cs version of Randy Moss? The kid has the talent.

  • DreinLA

    Agreed 100% MigMck. I’ve been saying that for a while – there’s a real interesting dynamic that is at play on this site at times.
    If Kobe had been pulled over for suspected DUI in Las Vegas, it would have been “Look at that jerk, Kobe! He rapes someone in Colorado and now this!” But since it was Pierce, it was racist Las Vegas cops framing him.
    Miles has a bad reputation… that’s all there is to it.

  • bantam

    Wow, that’s really deep DreinLA. He does have a bad rep. Just like if Corey Dillon stayed with the Bengles or if Randy stayed with the Raiders they’d have been considered athletes that underachieved and were victims of their own success. Instead Corey won a ring and Randy set a record.
    DreinLA, you’re 100% right. Miles has a bad rep and that has been documented whether he goes to the Celts, Lakers, or Greece, the history is bad. The QUESTION is whether or not the leadership from Allen, KG, PP, and Doc can allow him to help himself. Dynamics? What about the dynamics of your own words. Kobe HAS been accused of rape. Paul DID pass the breathalyzer and 3 sobriety tests.

  • mark f

    if he pans out we’ll we wont have a stiff on our roster (except for scal)! but where will the rookies fit in? and, can darius shoot the 3?

  • JTB

    LOVE this signing. JTB’s been all over this signing for over a month. It just makes sense. With Posey gone, there’s a huge void behind Pierce. Who’s going to play those minutes? TA can’t guard big 3’s and 4’s. Miles can. This is the perfect, no-risk signing.
    Trader Danny strikes gold once again!

  • Jonny Drama

    Seriously, if Miles doesn’t work out they can just get rid of him or make him ride the pine.
    And for the comments about how this site might be biased…it’s called RED’S Army lol. We come here for Celtics stuff and point of view, it better be biased!

  • Danno

    “Chuck… why must you always look backwards? Why can’t we look ahead? And you weren’t exactly picking 70 wins before last year either.
    redsarmy – August 22, 2008 at 2:16 pm”
    I kind of agree here.
    I pop in here daily to see what’s up, and I before I even scroll to the bottom of a now blog post, I already know who made it by it’s tone:
    Negative, biting, criticizing: Chuck.
    Positive, Hopeful, funny: John.
    I guess that brings “balance” or whatever, but man, Chuck – for a guy who runs a blog about a team who just won the Championship, you sure seem pretty grumpy all the time.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Cool, give him a shot. He can’t be any worse than Pollard?
    What about our backup PG?
    OH, and I love the “Losers” shirt. Im getting another one in black soon. THANKS!

  • G4L

    Man I´ve been out of the country and I haven´t kept up with any celtics news… so this is a pretty suprising signing for me, But I like it! Its a bit of a chance but in Danny I Trust plus It´ll be nice to stick it to Portland if he plays more than 8 games!

  • another tim

    i like it.
    it’s no risk and if he plays well then danny could have made “the perfect score”…
    someone had to say it. did anyone besides me see that movie?

  • celtified

    wonder if Danny can get his revenge on Pritchard by having Miles on the team to get enough playing time but not keeping him long enough to guarantee a full season thereby having a spot open up for getting a vet cheap late (like Cassell, PJBrown signings) ??

  • Shawn

    Doesn’t everyone see, that this is absolutly this kids last shot at anything. The Moss analogy kinda fits here, but Moss didn’t suffer a “career ending” injury. Some team would always pick up talent like his e.g. Pacman, or Ricky Williams. As a C’s fan I hope Miles can turn it around for the best and get healthy enough to contribute.