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Oh Antoine

RedsArmyAdmin August 19, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Oh Antoine

Can you count how many things are wrong with this sentence?

Chicago Police are investigating whether the Monday morning shootings of two men near the Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's resulted from a fight that spilled out of a club where there was a party for NBA player Antoine Walker, sources said.

Shootings at a McDonald's tied to Antoine Walker?  Now… I don't want to pass judgement… because his mom, who was there, says there were no fights at the party.  Is it possible 'Toine shot two guys trying to steal his Big Mac.  Sounds believable to me.

Also out there today… Kobe is essentially trapped in Beijing because the Chinese adore him so much.  Dwyane Wade isn't trapped… but maybe he wishes he was.  And WEEI.com is stealing everyone to write for their website.  I wonder if its going to work.  Their big coup is Deadspin founder Will Leitch.  I'm not sure if Joe Somerville even knows what Deadspin is… but I'll tell you… the blog world is all agog about it.

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  • Athanacropolis

    Rock n’ Roll McDonalds? I’ve been there. And the late, great Wesley Willis wrote a song about it called “Rock n’ Roll McDonalds” that I suggest you listen to now.
    Hopefully this incident was not caused by Antoine. I have nothing against the guy.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=did4B2fSK2I
    Good luck getting that out of your head.

  • Jonny Drama
  • I Love Red’s Army!

    “The military won’t let me go out,” Bryant said
    Hmm…Maybe they read about Kobe’s little “incident” in Colorado?