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Now’s The Time In Beijing When We Dance

"A 50 point win?  I'm as happy as a little girl"

Yes, I'm going for the gold today in mildly obscure German pop culture references which highlight my advanced age.  Why?  Because I'm desperately holding on to lost youth as I face my impending mortality… and because I need to do something to make a 106-57 thrashing of Deutschland interesting. 

Dwight Howard had 22 and 10.  LeBron had 18… but no assists.  Coming into the game, he led the tournament in assists. 

Next up, Australia… and thanks to the big 'Crocodile Dundee' craze of the 80's… I've got a ton more unfunny references to make. 

Yeah, you're welcome.

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  • Jester00

    Well at least we won’t be seeing the over-hyped Andrew Gaze!!!!!!!!(he is retired right?)

  • Jon

    “Pet my monkey!”