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So Easy, Marc Gasol Can Do It

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The commercialization of the Olympics simply must stop.  I get that Geico is sponsoring the coverage… to put the Geico Caveman on the Spanish National Team is going too far. 

Seriously now… I don't get how a team that features this doofus, Pau Gasoft, and a 17-year-old is regarded as the most serious threat to the US.  Team Red, White and Blue smoked the Spaniards 119-82 in a game that saw the US regain is outside shooting stroke (12-25 3pt fg). 

LeBron was the man again.  He had 18 while DWade and Carmelo Anthony had 16 each.  The Wade we see here is the Wade that is going to tear up the NBA in the first half of the season.  He's sick. 

One last note:  Jason Kidd finally took his first shot attempt in the Olympics (a made lay up).  I don't know if he has even played 10 minutes a game.  Yet… he starts and then gives way to Chris Paul.  Why is he even there?

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  • Was Marc Gasol grabbing himself before he shot each of his free throws? And I thought I had seen every free throw routine there was.

  • Rj

    M. Gasol: oh haha i get it …i quit ..but i get it
    M. Gasol: Oh and i’ll have the roast duck with the mango salsa

  • Tim (FD)

    Funny post.