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Take Your Souvlaki, Your Olives, And Your Feta… And Go Home

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The first quarter  of this game was a little closer than people expected. Then Dwyane Wade came in… and made plays like that one.  How someone throws a perfect alley-oop while running full speed to track down a ball going out of bounds is beyond me.  But he did it… and everything else, too.  Between Flash doing it all offensively and LeBron James coming up with, I think, 194 blocked shots… Team USA made the Greeks look really, really bad.  Like 92-69 bad

Kobe and Chris Bosh had 19 each to lead the US.

They still had problems from 3 (7-20 shooting), but it I guess when you're getting nothing but layups and dunks all night… banging 3's isn't necessary.  However… it would be nice for them to start making some of these so called "easier" 3 pointers.

(Video Via Awful Announcing)

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  • Doesn’t take much to make a Greek look bad!

  • Athanacropolis

    Wade and Bosh coming in off the bench changed the pace of the game. Howard was a walking foul.

  • John

    Kobe’s lit it up

  • Tony Allen

    Did you see that D Wade pass and how far from the rim Kobe MVP Bryant caught that alley-oop? I love wade but Kobe makes me so horny..he’s soo good. I feel like an ass saying that cuz i’m a celtics fan..tony allen in particular…but kobe…ooh man he gets me going!!

  • Nate


  • Jonny Drama

    Wade is a beast, I hope he doesn’t get injured too much though because his play style could cause problems for his future career…unless the Celtic play the Heat, then he can sit those games out.

  • Sameer

    Darn, sickk alleyoopp..

  • double P reppin the B

    Wade has always been my favorite player in the league, the guy just has such a smooth looking style of game. Seeing him back in great shape is so exciting, can’t wait to see him playing against the celtics. I expect the heat to snatch a low seed in the playoffs this year if Wade stays healthy