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Wanna Bet She Could Knock Out Pau Gasol?

RedsArmyAdmin August 13, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments

If you've been paying attention to the Olympics, you know that gymnast, and Winchester, Massachusetts native Alicia Sacramone choked yesterday and cost Team USA gold.

And I don't care.

Because she can throw a punch.  That's pretty good form.  Elbow tight… good trunk rotation… full body weight behind it… nice follow through.  Just a thing of beauty.

That fact that a 4 foot something girl knocked a shirtless d-bag out cold only made it a gazillion times better.

What does this have to do with anything?  Nothing.  But I'm in love… and doesn't that count for something?

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  • rhonnypudding

    I think she’s the KG of woman’s gymnastics. Consummate teammate/leader. Veteran. Always in peoples faces. Then she got far too hyped up before she performed… and choked. Too bad, I’m a fan.

  • http://rangerbobfriends.blogspot.com/ The Count

    Who couldn’t knock Pau Gasol out? I mean other than the other 10 European players on the Laker roster?

  • Lakerhater

    She would definitely make Sasha cry. And after watching her performance above I think I’ll get in the Olympic spirit and choke it myself.

  • I love Pau

    She could probably knock out the entire Celtic team. Buncha bitches.