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Happy Birthday Cooz

RedsArmyAdmin August 10, 2008 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Happy Birthday Cooz

Torching the Lakers for 50+ Years (NBA.com photo)

Bob Cousy turned 80 yesterday… and we'd like to wish him a happy 80th birthday.

For the young and uninitiated, Cousy made all that fancy point-guard play happen.  He was pulling fake-pass/layup moves before Rajon Rondo's PARENTS were born.  He was benched because he was so nasty.

Think about the marketing possibilities.  Why Reebok hasn't already created a TV ad with Cousy and Rondo together is beyond me.  Think about spine-tingling possibilities of having the first point guard magician in the same ad with Rondo.  Now's the time Reebok (I'm available if you've got an opening in your marketing department).  

Here's an NBA photo galleryfrom Cousy's playing days.  After the jump, some videos of Cousy owning fools.  The last video ends with the best quote about Cousy's play… made of course by Red Auerbach:  "I didn't care how he threw the ball… as long as somebody caught it."

Pardon the crappy music on this one:

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