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U.S. vs China

RedsArmyAdmin August 9, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on U.S. vs China
With outfits like that, how can the U.S. lose? Seriously, I was digging the Ralph Lauren white hat, blue blazer, white pant combo. In fact, that's what I'll be wearing today when I leave for my weekend on the Cape. I heard that about a billion people will be watching Team USA take on China tonight (or Sunday morning – it depends on where on the globe you are located). Don't let us down, gentlemen.

After the jump, a good reason you should watch women's beach volleyball.

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  • Rick Riley

    Loved the Olympic opening ceremony last night it was spectacular….

  • twistedmisfit

    Speaking of spectacular….

  • the indoor volleyball shorts aren’t much longer

  • Yeah that blazer hat combo is pretty tight. They look like they are about to play polo.

  • I saw the same red flags today I have been seeing since 2000. Poor perimeter shooting and Poor perimeter defense. This team also seems to have forgotten how to shoot a free throw. They played pretty well but they need to play better.