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Ranking the Eastern Conference

Barring a season ending injury to either Paul Pierce, KG or Ray Allen – I find it highly probable the Celtics will repeat as Eastern Conference Champions. With a rookie head coach (Michael Curry) and virtually the same roster (unless you count Kwame Brown), the Pistons won't pose much of a challenge. Hoopsworld Jess Camerato agrees with me. Here's her top 10 teams in the East:

  1. Boston
  2. Cleveland
  3. Detroit
  4. Philly
  5. Toronto
  6. Orlando
  7. Washington
  8. Indiana
  9. Atlanta
  10. Miami

She's taking heat for picking Cleveland second, but I really can't argue. I realize Elton Brand is a beast, but Philly is already the most overrated team in the conference. Until Dwight Howard learns to dominate in crunch time (the man needs a signature, go-to move), Orlando won't reach that next level. In the end, I don't see much difference between the 2-6 teams. Indiana is a stretch at 8….I expect Miami to challenge for the playoffs. And Atlanta could be worse off, especially if they don't match the $58 million contract Josh Smith just signed with Memphis.

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  • Jon

    I think Milwaukee will challenge. They’re deeper than Miami, but there stars aren’t as good. I like Bogut.

  • Tim (FD)

    Get Indiana the hell out of there and put in Chicago or Milwaukee.

  • Eli

    with all due respect because I think the Rockets can be a very good team…it is not about the individual defensive talent, but about TEAM DEFENSE. If the Rockets can develop a scheme that works like the Celtics did this year, they will be a tough team to beat. Not saying unbeatable by any stretch of the imagination, but just saying
    but i thought this thread was about the Eastern Conference…

  • double P reppin the B

    well I will tell you this, the rockets will put ron artest at power forward and shane battier at small forward but like i have always said about the rockets, I’ll be surprised to see that team stay healthy for the course of a year, ESPECIALLY yao ming, and if yao is the one to go down then im sorry you are not beating us, not with a undersized PF (Ron artest) and no other real size to contend with garnett let alone getting through the duncans and nowitzkis and gasol/bynum tandum, so once again, I would be surprised to see the rockets make it to the finals

  • Bill

    Hilarious John.

  • Mike

    Wade and Beasley might be worth 20 more wins but that’s only 35 for Miami, right? Who do they have in the frontcourt, Beasley, Blount and Haslem? Even if Beasley is the second coming, I suspect Chicago, Milwaukee and even Indiana have a chance to be ahead of them. Atlanta I think might fall way back even though they kept Smith.
    As for the Pistons, this might be the ’91 Celtics for them; I think Orlando and Cleveland (if Lebron misses hardly any games) could go by them. Washington theoretically could also; but at this point there’s no reason to believe they’ll be healthy until they actually make it through a season. Philly and Toronto will be in the mix; it’ll be interesting to see how Philly responds to having expectations.

  • s

    1.there’s no way indiana is going to make the playoffs. 2.Cleveland won”t be second in the east until they get a second offensive option.
    3.if their stars remain healthy washington could beat any team in the east
    4. if miami gets a center and backup players the would be in the top 8 in the east at least.
    here’ re my rankings:
    1. boston