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Early Bulletin Board Material

On October 28, the Boston Celtics will be on national TV hoisting a banner, getting rings and playing the team that gave them the most trouble in the playoffs.

On October 28, the Lakers will be playing the Portland Trailblazers… and… well… that's it. 

That's not stopping the perfectly sane, always well spoken Lakers Fans from rationally analyzing the upcoming season:

screw all of them, worthless 1 hit wonder team.

I'm dying for next season for sweet revenge. Celtics are one and done

Thing is nobody is going to remember these losers. They are a 1 hit wonder team while we are built for a dynasty.

The Celtics are a bunch of old men by next season. We are a young and hungry team. They have no chance.

They can enjoy it now cause its all down hill from here. KG and Allen are on the decline of there careers and Paul Pierce doesn't have the mental fortitude to lead a team by himself. This year was the Celtic's year but the next 10 are gonna be ours.

It goes on… and on… and on.  My favorite part of all of this is that a site that was originally "Get Garnett"… carries a lot of KG hate.  I wonder why?

Oh… that's right.

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  • lol

    Next ten? Hahaha, ambitious lot aren’t they? But hey, I can see why they’re looking forward to it, there were a few moments at the end of that 39 point blow out (see: Garbage Time) where some random player of no impact dunked the ball. What a promising end to the season!

  • G4L

    AHH Gotta love them Lakers Fans they just don’t know what to do with there time… maybe botox, maybe snort a line of coke, or maybe hate on the celtics.

  • jester00

    hey what ever happenned to gotgarnett??????

  • They make a good point…the Lakers are younger than the Celtics. That means they will spend the next 5-7 years “not” playing defense.

  • Athanacropolis

    Yeah, nobody will remember the Celtics…because nobody remembers teams that win the Championship, or Finals MVPs, or perennial All-Stars who put up gaudy numbers and play as one of the best TEAMS in the history of the NBA.
    Waah waah waah! These fans and Sasha Vujacic are perfect for each other.

  • LarryW

    It’ll be fun to see Posey shut down Kobe in the playoffs agian but it will suck to have to go to OK City for the finals. Not much going on there. Ainge was brilliant to let Posey go to OKC just to screw the Lakers.
    I wonder what crazy antics Pierce will be up to in Vegas after championship 18.

  • DreinLA

    What did everyone expect from a team fan site/blog – intelligent, fact based discussion on the probabilities of success of their respective team?
    “…maybe botox, maybe snort a line of coke, or maybe hate on the celtics.”

  • Jonny Drama

    Next season can’t come soon enough. Another Celtics vs Lakers finals would be great, but I might even be happier to see someone else beat the Lakers in the western playoffs just to show them that they aren’t even the best in their own conference.

  • Danno

    Larry – Posey Didn’t Go to OKC.
    He went to the New Orleans Hornets.
    OKC Barons is now what used to be the Seattle SuperSonics.

  • Jester! Haven’t heard from you in a while buddy.
    GotGarnett died. Never really could materialize there. Matty G found this thing called “a life”

  • Jesse

    It’s Summertime – we won the World Championship – what the heck are you guys doing trolling a Lakers board for? Gluttons for unneeded punishment.

  • 9-2.
    You get the point 🙂