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More Pierce Details

RedsArmyAdmin August 4, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on More Pierce Details

So in the midst of the apparently hour long ordeal, Paul Pierce was handcuffed by Las Vegas PD.

Though Bill Cassell, Metro’s public information officer, said he didn’t have the exact details about why Pierce was cuffed, he said it often happens when “an individual is loudly hostile.”

“You have to remember he’s a big guy,” Cassell said.

Pierce, a small forward who stands 6 foot 7 inches and weighs 235 pounds, “rapidly calmed down” and police removed the handcuffs after about 15 minutes, Cassell said.

“We find this happens a lot of times,” Cassell said. “Someone is a little agitated and when they’re placed in handcuffs they rethink things.”

Of course… police are light on the details about WHY Pierce was handcuffed.  "Loudly hostile" could be code for "he raised his voice." 

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  • BigMck

    Or he could have pulled the “do you know who I am?” routine….Its not out of the question that Paulie got annoyed with the cops…and expressed his frustration. Sometimes you gotta put the ego aside and just kiss their asses…

  • Danno

    More likely the cops knew EXACTLY who he was, and put on a show hoping to get their own names in the papers.
    Pro Athletes occasionally act dumb in public.
    Cops are 99% overgrown high school bullies who are professionally dumb.

  • Pierce Sucks

    If I were a cop I would shoot Pierce for being a dumb ass.

  • Jon

    If you did, he still wouldn’t miss a game.

  • +1 Jon

  • DreinLA

    Look, I know this is a Celtic Fan Site and all, but you guys have to consider reality here. The police have a very hard job to do. Far more difficult than any NBA player.
    So put yourself in the position of a police officer that has to worry about getting shot on a daily basis.
    You make a stop – the driver is 6’7″ and 235lbs – he’s raising his voice and could potentially be intoxicated. Of course you’re going to ensure your safety and the safety of the driver, so you cuff him. That’s a safe and legal measure. Sure beats having to pepper spray, fight, or shoot at someone… or be shot at.
    “Cops are 99% overgrown high school bullies who are professionally dumb,” is an ignorant statement, Danno. You don’t know anything about being a police officer or what it means to a community.

  • ssshady35

    Ok, I think he has partied enough. Time to get his ass in the gym and start working on next season. I knew if any of the celtics would of gotten in trouble it would of been either Pierce or T.Allen. They need to no better than that, they are in the spot light their the world champs. Stop fuckin around Paul and get your ass back to boston and put your mind to better things already!!!

  • DreinLA

    “7 guys I grew up with became Boston Cops. All but one of them fall into the “bully” category, NONE of them are educated past High School, and none of them would have done anything with their lives if someone didn’t give them this job as a handout.”
    Seven guys from one law enforcement agency is enough data for you to make the following generalization:
    “Cops are 99% overgrown high school bullies who are professionally dumb.”
    There are 17,784 law enforcement agencies in the United States. It’s rather presumptuous (perhaps foolish) to form an opinion based on a 0.00039% sampling (that’s if you assume that each law enforcement agency is comprised of ONE person).
    It’s similar to a person believing that all black people are violent criminals, after a black person mugs them. In your case, it’s like you believing that all black people are violent criminals because you know seven black people who are capable of mugging someone.