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Hey Paul, the Party is Over

For the past six weeks, the Celtics have partied like rock stars. There was the parade in Boston, a weekend of big parties in Vegas (and that four hour massage) and numerous appearances on late night talk shows. But upon hearing that Paul Pierce was pulled over and nearly busted for DUI, it's time to flick on the lights and scream "Last call!" I'm sure Danny, Doc and Wyc are thinking the same thing. We don't want anything to tarnish our moment in the spotlight, especially news of the Finals MVP getting in trouble with the law. Let's go fellas, it's time to start those off-season training programs.

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  • Rick Riley

    Driving while Black my black ass…Guess he was the only Black driving around Vegas that night…Paul know his ass was high that’s why he took a cab…I’m glad the cops did their job, probably saved a life pulling him over. Things won’t get any better when he comes back to Boston. Next time he gets pulled over in Boston it will be in the media… We got KG/RA we don’t have to put up with Paul’s ignorant ass bs anymore. The least the Cs could do is make KG co-captain next season…

  • JACK

    A wise and considered response. Wiser and more considered than Pierce’s behavior.
    No one can dispute Pierce’s great talent and skills. With him it seems to always have been a matter of judgment, and here we go again.
    He finally begins to establish a champion’s legacy and then follows it up by insisting he’s the best player in the world, partying into August, getting handcuffed, etc. Shades of standing on scorer’s tables, ripping your shirt off, wrapping your head in fake bandages, claiming to be the classic great player on a bad team, etc.! This is not how champions, at least Celtic champions, behave.
    Why does he have to do this? Any suggestions? To me it looks like he’s always trying to overcompensate, show that he’s more, of whatever, than he’s perceived by others to be.
    Maybe being drafted seven spots behind KU teammate LaFrentz? Younger brother syndrome again?

  • Jonny Drama

    Just for a bit of math, using this website (which is not a perfect measurement but can give some guess) http://www.rupissed.com/
    Someone Pierce’s size/weight could drink 9 “heavy” beers in 2 hours and his BAC would be exactly 0.8. Drinking 2 beers in 2 hours would register 0.002
    You can play around with the numbers to see what you get.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This is really a non-issue. No one got hurt, no blows were thrown, no drugs were planted, no high speed chase, no one got raped, nobody went to jail or even got a ticket. Paul did everything right, getting a cab was just another sign of intelligence, by letting the cops save some face for harassing him.

  • Tim (FD)

    Y’all wasting your time on a tabloid story. Wake me up when someone actually breaks the law or is arrested.

  • JTB

    I’d like to thank Danno for being the voice of reason throughout this non-thread. DWB, indeed.

  • another tim

    yeah i have to agree with danno.
    if i was paul -shit, if i was me- and i got pulled over, especially for a suspected dui (or dwb), i’m walking home or taking a cab or bus. fuck that. i know someone who was pulled over 3 times in ten minutes for the same thing (broken headlight) by the same cop.
    for all we know, they were going to give paul another 16 tests, and he offered to take a cab so they would just let him go home.
    this offseason sucks. last year we were swinging trades and signing veterans left and right.

  • Actually I don’t think it should be a wake up call. He was pulled over and was not found driving drunk so what would the problem be? He didn’t use his blinker and got pulled over. I say rock on Paul and enjoy life.

  • JTB

    I’m all for taking responsibility and advancing culture, but part of advancing culture is eliminate blatant racial profiling by law enforcement. One only need look at the arrest statistics in any major city, or the inmate population of our prisons, to know that the playing field is not even.

  • LarryW

    45 posts for this story. Unbelievable. Please let the season start soon so we have something to talk about.

  • Denice

    I’m confused as to why folks immediately call Paul guilty and not in teh right when he passed three tests, including the breathalizer and was not even given a traffic citation . What that tells me is that he wasn’t even driving erratically to indicate to the police officers that he was drunk since had he passed the breathalizer and still displayed reckless driving, they would have cited him. But they didn’t.
    If a person cooperates fully – passes all the tests – is not cited for ANYTHING – then I don’t get why folks are still calling him guilty and drunk and reckless? Come on folks – that’s not fair and you know it. We have systems in place to help draw the line so we can know when someone has broken a law. Not only was he below the limit, the cops said he could drive. If you have such faith in these cops, that they were doing their jobs to the highest level, then why would they let him get back in the car and drive away? He chose to take a cab (and dude, like Paul knows whether he can be pulled over again. I didn’t know that – I got pulled over once and was freaked out til I got home that it would happen again. there happen to be a few people out there who do not spend time googling police laws in their free time).
    As for the whole profiling bit – I’m not as concerned about the police and if they pulled him over because he was black. Whether or not they were profiling, as a black man, when you are pulled over, it does go through your mind and it is scary. I see Paul’s decision to take a cab home as being one of trying to make sure nothing untoward can be made up or said about his actions.
    So maybe let’s be chill with Paul here and for those who want to jump on him for something – wait til a better incident comes along…;-)