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Stick It To Lakers Fans

Sick of Lakers fans who still talk trash even after losing the championship?

Then stick it to them… with one of these.  Bonus points for those of you out in Los Angeles who wear one of these around.  As always… photographic proof will make it onto the front page.  If you don't want this shirt in particular, just go to our store for your choice of hundreds of items.

When can you wear one of these to a Celtics-Lakers game?  We don't know yet, because Marc Spears says the Sonics move to OKC is gumming up the works.  But… Santa might be kind to us.

The NBA's 2008-09 schedule is expected to be released soon, with the holdup because of the Sonics' move to Oklahoma City. The Celtics are expected to open the season Oct. 28 at TD Banknorth Garden, at which time they will receive their championship rings and hoist banner No. 17 to the rafters. There are also rumors the Celtics will play the Lakers Christmas Day in Los Angeles.


If you're following the Team USA tuneups… Russia kept it close for a while today…. but Team USA ended up pulling away.

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  • Tim (FD)

    Wow. The shirt, the schedule. Nice.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This is a must have shirt. I can wear it on Christmas day at Staples. THANKS!

  • I love that!!!

  • Ace

    Screw every single Laker hater.

  • Screw every single Laker hater.
    Ace – August 3, 2008 at 9:15 pm
    Well I am a married Laker hater so I am alright then.

  • Bill

    That shirt is money!! My only complaint is that 1. the logo is too small and 2. there’s no picture of kobe. Otherwise, that is brilliant t-shirt.

  • sideswipe

    you should have made the logo larger

  • azn_soldia

    pretty cool i must admit bostoners, we will have to do one of those next year with the leprechaun getting blown away by a rocket to oblivion. don’t worry lakers, you may not win no championship next year, but at least your hated celtics won’t win one either. the rockets will win it all. we should just have those shirts printed already. just give the rockets the championship already. no need to play a whole season, just give it to them. no one will be a worthy match. not even you celtics, not even you.