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Pierce Pulled Over; TMZ Goes Overboard

Paul Pierce was pulled over in Vegas.  He was given TWO field sobriety tests… AND a breathalyzer.  He passed all three.  Then he decided to take a cab home afterwards.  Yet TMZ.com (and its idiot readers) decides there is still something fishy about it. 

So three DUI tests, not cited for erratic driving, decides to take a cab and leave his car…..what's up with all that?

What's up?  How about most people are let go after passing the first field sobriety test.  Most of the rest would be let go after the SECOND test.  Yet for some reason… the cops out there decided passing two tests isn't enough.  Finally, after harassing him for a third test, they let him go.  If I were Pierce, I'd charter a chopper out of there… never mind a cab. 

The real question is… what's up with the cops?  Were they racist?  Lakers fans?  Racist Lakers fans?  Who the hell knows?  All I know they did everything but pour a bottle of Jack all over him and trip him.

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  • Rick Riley

    Only a question… Does any of the 3 tests given capable of detecting anything besides alcohol? Maybe he was tripping on other drugs, and decided to take a cab as a reality check. Don’t think it had anything to do with his race or being a Celtics. Paul been pulled over and released countless times in Massachusetts … Please don’t come back with when and where; knowing damn well the Celtics covered up those incidents …

  • BigMck

    How could the Celtics cover up those incidents? If Pierce was pulled over by a cop…and let go…then its on the cops for doing so. I don’t see how the team has any role in it. And if its happened countless times as you suggest (w/o any merit I might add) then I know someone would have eventually dropped a dime to the local media.

  • Tim (FD)

    And I still believe that to be true. If he was driving erratically because he was under the influence of some drug ( which is what Rick Reily suggested ) he would not have passed the test twice. I understand that you can pass the test after smoking some dope maybe, but you can also drive perfectly well after doing so. The point is his driving was impaired (pulled over for driving erratically), so his ability to pass two sobriety tests would also have been impaired if he was tripping on something which is what Rick suggested.
    But he passed the tests, so he wasn’t impaired making it either a case of dwb or simply bad driving. That is all I’m saying and is all I will say.

  • Tim (FD)

    Maybe we have a different definition of tripping on a substance to the extent of erratic driving, as opposed to simply being under the influence of marijauna. I think there is a difference, and that is where I was trying to make my point. But hey, I’m glad to say I am no expert on the subject.