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JR Giddens Is REALLY Happy To Be Here

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JR Giddens hasn't even officially been signed yet… but he's thrilled to be part of the team.  Not only that… he knows what its going to take to make an impact:

NBA.com: So what’s the new move coming out for this year?
J.R. Giddens:
The new one coming out, it’s gonna be called [Here he looks side-to-side, then leans in conspiratorially] “the defensive slide.” That’s how I’m going to earn minutes, playing defense, so I’ll just be defensive sliding. That’s my new move.

He also seems to get it when it comes to being a Celtic:

NBA.com: With all the travel, what’s a place that’s made an impression on you?
J.R. Giddens:
I went to the Celtics practice facility and was out there in Waltham, where they trained at and lifted and did all the hard work that was put into (their championship). That’s probably the most exciting place that I’ve seen besides being on first-class airplanes and seeing cities. They had the new banner up there and you can feel all the tradition from the banners and the organization. That was the best for me.

I don't know why the deal hasn't been done yet… but I'm sure it will be done soon.  Meanwhile, I like everything I'm hearing from this kid.  He seems to know full well what is expected of him, and what it takes to help this team.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do.  Danny might have another steal with this pick.

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  • twistedmisfit

    I can’t help it….. 🙂 …..everytime I look at JR’s picture, I gotta laugh! I can tell this dude is going to crack me up next season. As long as he keeps it in control….control…control. Please……

  • zippittyay

    So how long till we actually get to see someone in green playing a game of basketball?

  • training camp. I’ll bet the guys are only just starting to get back to working out on their own.

  • rick m

    what about 2007 #1 pick Pruit?what are the Cs plans for him more D league action.

  • Good question. I think they’re going to give him a chance to earn a spot.