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The Spanish Interview

Paul Pierce was in Spain for the past few days and everyone's buzzing about what he said over there.  I think it's a big pile of nothing… but since there seems to be some reaction to it… here it is.

First… a bunch of Spurs fans are all hot and bothered by this.

Q: Is Kobe really the best player in the world?

Pierce: I don’t think Kobe is the best player. I’m the best player. There’s a line that separates having confidence and being conceited. I don’t cross that line but I have a lot of confidence in myself.

Q: Who are your top five favorite players in the NBA today?

Pierce: Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce.

There are some insane reactions in that link… people just being idiots.  But what is he supposed to say?  His favorite players are his teammates.  Perfect answer… and he loves himself too. 

Here's more of his interview… which includes the next interesting aspect:

Q: Celtics fans have suffered a lot these last few years. Does this title signal the end of this black period?

A: I hope so, at least for as long as I am on the team. I will play there for the next five years and I hope to win each year, or at least as much as possible.

5 years?  But Paul… you're only under contract for the next three.  That would mean………

Is it possible that Delonte West is coming back to Boston?  Supposedly we're looking into a sign-and-trade. In other player movement news:  Ricky Davis is going to the Clippers.

The latest Carnival of the NBA is up.  Ball Don't Lie has the "Will Ferrell" edition up right now.  Check it out.  Many good blogs have written many good things.

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  • DreinLA

    Wow, talk about giving your boy a pass…
    If Kobe said, “I don’t think Pierce is the best player. I’m the best player. There’s a line that separates having confidence and being conceited. I don’t cross that line but I have a lot of confidence in myself,” this site would be aflame in judgment.
    There is a lot lost in translation. Unless Paul Pierce has been working on his Espanol, I don’t put much value in the translation. Besides, if you spend a few minutes reading the interview, something should strike you immediately – it’s not even in his “voice.”

  • Tim (FD)

    I’ve tried several times to analyze the last sentence of this post and I’ve failed each time.

  • redsarmy

    LOL. Perk.. i think ur gay

  • Sasha Vujacic

    Thanks Ray.
    I needed that confidence boost after you totally blew by me in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.
    I’ll tell you what, you’ve haunted my dreams for almost two months. I don’t even know what to do with myself.
    I mean, my inablity to even slow down a 33 year old man really has bugged me out.

  • perkisabeastq

    Um, I feel violated by this gross misappropriation of my image. Perhaps i should consult my Lawyerboy for advice on how to proceed.

  • NBA Fan

    Hes right.. Allen 39% to Sasha’s 43%… well played…

  • Ray Allen

    Its ok Sasha.. Sam Cassel made me make out with him back in Milwaukee and I liked it. You’re still the machine and have a higher 3 point percentage then I do so thats good 4 u.

  • Mike O

    I think all these Laker boys are spending far too much time in West Hollywood and are venting all of their sexual frustrations here.

  • Pee Pee

    I was joking..

  • Los Angeles

    I bet PP issues a statement saying he didnt say that.

  • Doc Rivers

    hes crazy.. Id trade PP and Allen for him

  • redsarmyofMikeandperkisabeastq


  • KB24


  • perkisabeastq loves Mike O

    Ur right Gil, on behalf of PEE PEE, and the C nation. I want to say.. u r right.

  • Gil Mendoza

    Am a Lakers fan, and I never thought that piece of ##### was gonna believe or say some like that, before these season Celtics were down at the bottom and if they got better is only by the aquisition of the other two guys, KG, and RA, this guy alone was not capable to go that far!!!
    How can such a SOFT PLAYER, believes that he’s better than KB, he’s not even better than Gasol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lakers

    Its on the cover of Yahoo Mike..

  • somegosoftly

    GO LA! GO LA! U guys are right.. Pee Pee could have never done it without 2 other ALL STARS… We’ll be back next year… I love u kobe… have my baby. I like anal

  • 5’5 LA Bouncer to Allen

    Sorry Sir …we’re um… at capacity

  • 0.4

    you must be the fat tranny hag PP is pictured with..

  • Shady

    I think people need to get a grip on reality. The facts are that Celtics won the championships and Pierce was the mvp. So what if he pumped faked and drew the foul. Thats what i call smart, and if thats what it takes to win, then so be it, coz bitching and wining certainly came second best. Im not even a Celtics fan, so all ya’ll need to get a grip coz on paper, it does not say that Celtics won but kobe is the greatest player, coz if he is then lakers would have won. Simple logic.

  • JACK

    Whereas Paul Pierce in the past has demonstrated more than a little unfounded/misplaced ego (running around, then jumping up onto the scorer’s table and playing the crowd after hitting a game winner … in the first EXHIBITION game!) or habitually referring to himself in the third person as a “great” player (really, does anyone out there EVER, EVER remember hearing Russell, Cousy, Heinsohn, Havlicek, Cowens, Bird, McHale, etc. refer to themselves that way even ONCE?).
    This past year, playing the role he is best suited for, over-achieving younger brother, he could at times be great without the pressure of having to be great.
    I think that he got that, and though he still may think he is just as great a player as Bryant, I don’t believe that he would claim that he was the best player in the world.
    The interview, as it appears on the El Mundo Sportivo web site, never even poses the question that you assert they did. Consequently, Pierce never answers it, and surely never is quoted saying that he is the best player.
    Unless you can document your source for this quote, it has no credibility. And if that’s the case you have generated an undeserved negative reaction towards a player who seems to be maturing into a classic Celtic star.

  • HA!

    Jeez, i leave for an hr… this has gotten way off track.. PP SUCKS!

  • Randy Moss

    I should have signed with Green Bay

  • King James

    I get one more semi decent player, C’s arnt getting out of 1st round.

  • Mark Teixeira

    I was talking to the rest of the team today, and we think that we can finally take a game in a series against the Sox in the postseason this October.
    Perhaps in 09 we can actually stretch it out and make it a five game series. And jeez, I’ll tell ya, we may even be able to advance by 2010.
    Keep crossing your fingers fans. We’re all very excited.

  • Jered Weaver

    I can’t believe I spelled my name wrong.

  • Jerad Weaver

    5-0 this month alone…

  • LA

    If we had football team they would beat tha Pats too

  • Manny Ramirez

    I want to play baseball in a war zone… thats how shitty Boston is…

  • PP Pooped his pants

    One hit wonders…

  • Kevin Garnett

    I better leave this team b4 Ray has a heart attack and Paul’s ego eats us all.

  • What a Joke

    Great article.. P likes trannys too I see.

  • LakeShow

    This team is going to implode… Kobe has NEVER said he’s the best but he is, anyone outside the RED GAY ARMY thinks so, followed by 10 other players before PP. This dudes gone mental, his team basically was below averge till it was saved by Garnett and Allen. I guess getting stabbed in the face still doesnt change your attitude. Secondly, I think everyone is forgetting that PP and KB are good friends. They train together in the off season.

  • LAL

    Yea, LakeShow, they are friends, I think he was probably joking when he said he was the best player, like a jab at his friend Kobe who is obviously better then he his. Wait… he’s not being serious is he?

  • Phil’s Army

    We have taken control of your blog

  • GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!

    Red Sox Suck


    Is this a Laker Blog?

  • C’s Green

    Thats fine,
    we’ve taken control of the title.

  • PP+Allen=Homo

    Yea, its true. I saw it.

  • Kobe Bryant

    I’m Gay too.


    I heard PP and Allen were lovers

  • Lakerhater

    What a joke – Bynum? Lord Jesus if only Bynum shows up the rest of you are really screwed now? Wow, I respect people that root for their team NO MATTER WHAT but seriously, your drunk, go home. Bynum is a Hack, maybe in the top 30 of centers, maybe 26th.

  • clayton

    celtics you are bitches


    NO NO NO YOU ARE NOT BETTER THEN KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cyrus 7 nba fan

    celtics you are a great team but you show off too much.I think that if you show off to mucch you will all split.So I WANT TO SEE LAKERS VS. CELTICS NEXT WEEK IN LOS ANGELES.

  • Mike (Boston)

    Well if hes the best player in the world he would have to be right?
    Anyway, this is just amusing to me. I’m effin with u all. Anyone who knows how the media works, knows that there is no way Paul actually said that word for word. Show me a video or some audio with recognizable cocky tone and I’ll believe it.
    Til then, just have fun with these morons freakin out

  • Analyzing just pure skills, Kobe is the better player. But he’s also a whiney, selfish bitch devoid of any leadership ability. Pierce was money in the Finals – where was Kobe?
    Keep making excuses Lakers fans….

  • Lakers4life

    Paul needed 2 additional All-Stars to get it done! Jim, you are correct. Very stacked team. They won what? 30 games last year! hahaha! Wait till Bynum plays again.

  • Jim

    What I’m writing in this comment has probably already been said, but since most commenters on this site are only semi-literate, I couldn’t read them all.
    First, I’m pretty sure Pierce crossed the line from confidence to conceited. Good for him. If being a delusional moron works for him, there’s nothing wrong with that.
    Second, the Celtics were a stacked team. If they didn’t win the championship with that line-up, it would have been embarrassing.
    Third, it’s ridiculous to compare Pierce to Kobe. Kobe was basically doing it all himself in LA, while Pierce had an All-Star team at his back. Maybe if they played a game of 1 on 1, then this discussion would make sense.

  • Joey P

    Im a Boston fan.. but come on…. really? that tool Radmansandwich was gaurding PP most of the series has a lot of do with his success. Lakers were out played yes, Kobe doesnt deny it either. “What a joke” yea.. Bynum changes things too.

  • mvp and nba championship that makes him the best player in the world for now. at least till next year.stop hating you lakers fans.

  • another tim

    oh yeah it was fucking awesome when we got garnett, allen, and RONDO. Rondo? you have to be fucking kidding me, “what a joke”.
    it just shows that half these lakers fans dont know shit. i guess being a bandwagon lakers fan includes being some sort of bandwagon celtics hater. i just wish they would all realize the lakers lost and arent going anywhere, and jump off already.

  • Pat

    hey pierce, where was the Boston Celtics when KG and Allen wasnt there yet? oh! thats right, you guys didnt even make the playoffs when you were leading them.
    What a JOKE.

  • Will

    It’s funny how serious everyone takes sports. Paul Pierce and his team won, so they can say anything they want. Pierce is a more respectable player than Bryant however, because Pierce does not have the pompus attitude. His statement may seem pompus, but when faced with a stupid question from the media, Pierce gave a great answer to stir the pot. In a 1 on 1 situation, Pierce would get the best of Bryant because Kobe can not handle better than average defense. As for being the best player in the world, I don’t believe that any of the guys we see on a regular basis deserve that title. A lot of them have shown signs of greatness, but everyone has limitations. Just remember when Michael Jordan played. He was unstoppable. You knew that he was going to get the ball, and he was going to score. There is no like that anymore. That’s what it takes to be the best player in the world.

  • Chris

    This Cain fag can’t write for shit. You mean to tell me that Pierce can win a championship without Allen & Garnett. I think your smoking some serious Crack!!! Get your shit straight and your writing as well.
    GO Lakers!!!


  • ben

    Pierce the best player? maybe in the wnba. He’s play is pump, fake and draw a foul. Rondo’s better than him.

  • rs

    ray allen is better than pierce

  • willandhernan

    “paul pierc the best player in the world? shit on that guy ! hes just being too confident with himself.. i don’t if think if he play one on on with kobe, i think kobe will makes him as MVP toy”

  • eber

    HAHA!!! Paul Pierce the greatest? Whatever! There’s so many other players I would put before him. Did anyone notice that he pooped his pants during the finals? Hahah funny stuff.

  • Bill

    Fuck yeah Paul! Great interview–I love the swagger! When you’re the World Champions, you can say whatever the hell you want.

  • Tim (FD)

    Wow you Laker fans have no life. I guess you guys are taking the loss in the Finals harder than we all thought.

  • Jose

    Paul is on crack

  • Lakers in 09

    This means he thinks he better then Kobe, LeBron, Melo, Garnett, McGrady, to name a few.. I could go on…

  • Hey

    im 12

  • KB4MVP

    Kobe scores an average of 10 more points per game with a shooting percentage one tenth lower the PP’s.

  • LA Fan

    true that laker4life… I’d take Garnett or Allen over him.

  • ceez my nuts celtics


  • whats douche

    He should basically call team USA and appologize.

  • Celticsuckamynewts

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. what loser. Keep telling yourself that PP. my mom said I was special too!

  • sunshine

    Before KG, Allen, and Posey played for the Celtics nobody even knew you guys existed for the last 9 years. Pierce is a great player and we don’t know who is the best but everyone can agree its not Pierce. Winning one championship is an accomplishment but lets see if you guys can defend it. Its been a while since Boston has tasted a championship so you might how difficult it is. Just ask the Spurs.

  • JTB

    Paul Pierce is the best in the business. More power to him.

  • Ace

    That is some AMAZING crack that Pierce is smoking. He really believes that he is better than Kobe, Lebron, KG, and CP. That is the real definition of a pipe dream.

  • PaulPierceisaDouche

    Paul Pierce is a douche. yeah he is the man now!!! after they get ray allen and kevin garnett on the team. Such a jackass thing to say. Notice how tom brady is THE MAN! but never has to tell anyone about it? bc he actually is the man. Pierce is just a punk bitch who hypes himself up after winning a title (almost being knocked out by the friggin hawks!) bc he is insecure that it took him so long. I hate Kobe too. Pierce is the most dramatic little bitch in the league. everything is the “most extreme” with him! “I am so hurt”, “the best game ever!”, “the best player in the world”. Shut up you drama queen.

  • Doc

    During the finals the only players crying were on the Celtics, especially PP, when Kobe busted his ankles and caused him to collide into another C and then hit the floor. PP was so embarrassed he couldn’t get up and had to be carried off the court. Kobe could have easily faked an injury to his finger, but an MRI proved it to be true.

  • Pierce is a homo

    Pierce is not even the best player on the team…… Garnett is more of a legit argument. Don’t forget that pussy whines about every scratch he gets. Sounds like Mike O will give a rim job to his faggot ass Bostonians. Regardless on a ring, Go ahead and talk shit all you want Faggot ass Bostonians the lakers held their standards 3 years straight and don’t even bring up about Kobe not winning it without Shaq. Pierce couldn’t get his own team over .500. why is this even an argument.
    Fuck Celtics, Patriots, Bruins & Red Sox… even the Revolution
    Welcome to L.A Manny

  • Pierce = lameduck

    Paul Pierce should get stabbed 11 more times for saying he’s the best player in the world!

  • Pierce 8==D O:

    Hey Redsarmy how do you know about the MRI? were you in the training room sucking on pierce’s balls? Did you swallow too? I think Pierce is pathetic. I thought KG would win the MVP
    He’s way more deserving than that fag. I think is because he acted like a pussy in game 1 which I think people notice he was limping on the wrong leg. Kobe is in the Olympics in China, If I were pierce I would Stab my self in the Balls becauase he don’t Deserve em.

  • PierceisaDouche

    I am not a Laker fan. Big ups to the Celtics winning. I just think Pierce is a drama queen who over exagerates everything with hyper-descrepitive adjectives. You cant deny that he has been kind of a tool since winning. Im happy for KG and Allen, but Pierce needs to shut the f*** up and just be happy. it took him forever to win one, which is cool for him, but dont go talking like your the new Jordan. Thats what im saying. Pierce needs to stop being so insecure and douchey for a few weeks.

  • Doc

    That’s why Kobe is the only player compared to Jordon and “what are the analyst saying?” I don’t know how many times Jordon announced he was the best after winning his first ring or as a matter of fact, any other NBA player after winning their first rings. Jordon and Kobe can talk on the same line, Pierce “negative” doesn’t even have the number.

  • leBrain

    For a pompous asshole that isn’t even playing on team USA….as a matter of fact, not one Boston celtic is on the team!!! Pierce can’t hold any of the jockstraps of any member of team USA….so shut your piehole and enjoy your championship while it lasts; teams will kick your ass with their upgrades next year!