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What’s Wrong With This?

We live in a land of hypersensitivity.  So it's no shock that Nike's new ad campaign that, among other things, features a player getting a mouth full of scrotum is pissing a few people off.  Apparently, the phrase "that ain't right" while the red dude is sniffing jock strap is being misinterpreted as homophobic.  If anything, it looks like someone from Penn State with a grudge against Ohio State works at an ad agency. 

I guarantee you the people who are pissed at this have never set foot on a basketball court.  They have no idea that the only thing not right about that scene is the Penn State guy embarrassing the Buckeye dude like that… possibly in front of his girlfriend and/or parents. 

The whole ad campaign (seen here) is all about Nike shoes giving you the ability to embarrass fools who decide to impede your progress to the rim.  And everyone knows that it's impossible to stop someone wearing Nike sneakers (I'm a size 14, Nike rep who trolls blogs.  Email me for delivery address). 

Seriously… people need to get a life.

I'm going to have to go ahead and call BS on Paul Pierce… he says Team USA needs gold more than the C's needed a title.  I guess he can say that now that we won a title.  Don't know if you saw, but Monta Ellis re-upped with the Warriors:  6 years, $11 per.  Oh… and the flood of player who might go to Europe now includes Jason Kidd.

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  • Mike

    Once upon a time, a decrepit Dominque Wilkins played in Europe too. After the $20M contract runs dry, I’m sure it’ll be a great option for the Old Kidd. You might as well add Old Pierce to the list; he said the same thing–playing in Europe after he’s done with the Celtics (believe it was in the ESPN report of his “USA needs the Gold” story).

  • DreinLA